Training Log

This page is mostly for me, but for you, too, if you want to read it.

I’ll be keeping a log of my training. This page will just hold the current month’s notes.

I’m trying out Sally Edward’s (Triathlons for Women) training point system. Here’s how it works:

Level of exercise exertion is rated from 1 to 5 based on heart rate. One point is awarded for each minute in zone 1, two for each minute in zone 2, etc. Because I’m really focused right now on just getting up and moving more, I’m counting anything that isn’t sitting as zone 1 (my easy warm up at the gym, grocery shopping, etc.) Zone 2 is anything that gets my heart rate up to about 130 to 139, Zone 3 is 140 to 149, Zone 4 is 150 to 159 and Zone 5 is 160 and above. Sally recommends 800 to 1000 points per week if you’re training for a sprint triathlon.

Read more about training points and self-coaching here.

APRIL 2011

April 1, Friday

Treadmill: 20 min zone 3: 60, 5 min zone 4: 20 (20 min mile–3 mph consistently, 5 min hills, 2 min @ 4 mph)

Yoga (video class at gym): 20 min zone 2: 40

Total for day: 120/ Total for week: 668 (End of eight day week.)


2 responses to “Training Log

  1. Russel Grimes

    Very very happy for you. It’s is awesome to see and hear that you are getting into working out, triathlons and running. It is a very good place to be. Clears your mind and a major stress reducer. I’m excited for you that you caught the bug tri’s and running. Hopefully, You, Jill, and myself will be able to do a race together.

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