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Thrift Store Finds: Sunshine on a Sick Day

I stopped at the local thrift stores (we have three, all tiny, but full of surprises) last Thursday at my lunch break. I couldn’t take the day off work, even if I did feel like I was dying, so I thought I’d cheer myself up by losing myself for an hour in other people’s stuff.

I’m so glad I did! Wait until you see what I found.

First up, these funky 70s T-shirt sewing kits. They each have a yard and a quarter of soft, thin t-shirt material and some ribbed trim. That’s it. No instructions or anything. Just says you can use it to make shirts or shorts or a drawstring bag. (Except for the paper wrapper with Mr. Mustache on it. The wrapping on some vintage stuff is as cool as the stuff itself, don’t you think?)

Here’s a close up of Mr. Mustache.

Nice, huh? I’m not sure if I’m going to keep these or put them in my store. Maybe keep one and sell the others? Dunno.

I think the best thing I found is this pair of handmade afghans. The striped one is crocheted, the color blocked one is knit. That one, the knit one, has some holes in it, but is so beautifully done I couldn’t resist.

I love, love, love these goblets:

I got a full set of six of them! Nice, huh? I’ll be putting them into my store tonight, only because if I keep everything I love I’ll live in a thrift store.

This little set is already in my store:

I actually clapped my hands when I found these:

My mom used to serve us lunch on this exact set! These are mine…all mine. Ruby has a touch of her Dad’s OCD and loves segmented plates. (She doesn’t mind her food touching, she just like’s to have a place for everything.) She actually hugged these when she saw them.

These cups were just too sweet to leave behind:

Yellow roses were my mom’s favorite. Aren’t these pretty? These are another might or might not for the store.

And finally, I found this little embroidered table cloth and a vintage flat sheet. I have this idea to cut pieces of clean vintage sheet to use instead of tissue in mailing orders out, and including a little folded zine with ideas for what do to with your square of very cool fabric. What do you think? Would you appreciate that, or would you rather have tissue?

So wouldn’t you agree? A good day at the thrifts, even if I did feel like I’d been hit by a truck!



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Thrifting Good Stuff: Aprons

I love, love, love when I go to a thrift store and there is something–something just sitting there waiting for me. Something that makes my heart beat faster. That makes me gasp a little, and then almost (almost) consider licking whatever it is like that guy in that car commercial.

It’s especially gratifying when that happens here, in this teensy town. Because I make the rounds every week of our three little thrift stores (one benefits disabled adults, one benefits kids, and one benefits stray animals.) And often I leave with nothing.

But today?

Today I found a box filled–filled!–with 1950s aprons.

Twenty-seven of them.

There they are hanging on my laundry room lines in the late afternoon sun after a careful wash. You can’t really tell in this picture, but I have 4 lines in my laundry room, and all of them are filled with apron loveliness.

They are glorious. Delicately beautiful. Not perfect, because they are obviously well loved. They’ve seen 50 years of dishes washed and meals served. I love each and every one of them. Ruby keeps going to the laundry room and playing under them, laughing at their bright colors in the sunshine coming through the window.

I’ll be selling some of them in my Etsy store.

If I can bring myself to part with them that is.


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