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Call for Blogs

Okay folks. I need some help.

Part of my study this semester is how women are using writing (i.e. blogging) to connect with each other and help manage stress due to our current economy.

I’m looking specifically for women-written blogs (although, if you know of a man-written one, I’m all for checking it out.) I’m having a hard time articulating exactly what I’m looking for, which is making a Google search tough. Basically, I’m looking for women who are writing about things like sudden poverty, unemployment, a change is social status, etc. Their whole blog doesn’t have to focus on that, but I’m looking for things like how they are changing, what they are doing differently, to weather whatever they are facing.

I know of a few blogs already, but I’d love a broader range. I’m really excited to research compare how women in particular have managed the stress of a sudden upheaval in social structure during the Civil War, the Great Depression, and today.  And you guys already know that I’m particularly into understanding how skills that women of other eras used could be helpful to us now.

If anyone has experience in their own life along these lines that they would be interested in sharing with me, I would be eternally grateful. Part of my study is going to be sending out a questionnaire to women bloggers, so any volunteers would be loved by me forever.

One of my major projects this semester is going to be writing and producing and distributing two editions of a zine that I’ve talked about here already. It’s tentatively called What My Nana Knew, but that may change.

Okay…so please, please, please post any blogs you think I should look at. Thank you so very much.

You know I love you, right? I do. I really do.



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Don’t mind the gray matter…

I just finished, at 10:20 p.m., writing a 10 page research paper for my Anthropology 400 class. Native Northern Americans. That’s 10 pages with at least 15 references–peer-reviewed references–I ended up with 19. I had a really strong goal to finish this weekend, so that I could just be done and work on other final projects this week. And I did it! My brain is mush, but I did it!

I learned some very interesting things about the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the Trail of Tears in particular. I didn’t know that there was a strong resistance movement, lead in large part by white women, and that it only passed Congress because of the Three Fifths Clause, which puffed up the Southern votes. There is a theory that the Eastern Cherokee, those who were not removed down the Trail of Tears, have been successful in holding on to their native language when so many tribes have not at least in part because keeping it was a form of passive resistance.

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