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Skywatch Friday

There is this road not far from my house that’s called the Success Loop. I have no idea why, or who named it that. It’s basically a road that sort of meanders past a few small ranches, and then through a grove of birch trees, before passing the local lake. It’s only passable in the summer, which is only about three months here, because the snow and then the mud make it iffy even in the spring and fall.

Driving the Success Loop is one of my favorite summer treats. I almost always do it at least once, and almost always alone. It’s 33 miles, and it takes more than two hours due to the windiness. I offer, but usually no one wants to go with me. And that’s okay–because it’s practically a tradition for me to drive this road when the weather turns nice and just think. And bask in beauty.

I brought my camera on my annual trip this summer. Just before I got to the really windy part of the the trip, I looked up and saw this deer cloud hopping across the road in front of me. Amazing. How about you? Do you have any solitary rituals?

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Magic to a girl from the SouthWest

I took these pictures this morning. Last year we had snow in September. It was getting so late this year, I was starting to wonder if it would ever come. But it did this weekend…boy did it. The first picture is the water tower at the high school. I love the bob cat.

This next one is at the school too. I love all the white, but with depth. See my beautiful mountains?

This last one is the road leading up to my office. Just beautiful, isn’t it?

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