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The Plan–T-minus Two Weeks From Tomorrow

Don’t forget, I’m giving away a set of these:

I’ve talked before about The Plan. There is even a page on this blog dedicated to it. It starts in two weeks.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to put The Plan into words that someone who doesn’t live in my head might understand. I think the best way to describe what my hopes for The Plan are is to say that The Plan is a de-gunking. It’s a way to slowly, methodically, open up my life and clean out all the crap that’s blocking it.

Like the long zipper thing my husband sticks down the shower drain when too much of my hair (that’s falling out cause I eat food that’s poison to my body) has caused a drainage delay, The Plan will pull all the nasty stuff out so that I’m left with nice clean–well you get it don’t you? I’m blocked. The Plan is my Drain-O.

Here’s something that really makes my life work. I’m a dreamer–which is a nice way to say that my feet are rarely planted firmly on the ground. My husband is an anchor–usually with one hand wrapped firmly around my ankle to keep me from spinning off into the ethers. He lets me fly, but keeps me grounded at the same time. The poor man came home from taking Ruby to visit his parents for the weekend to find his wife filled to overflowing with plans to move to Seattle in June. He did what he’s great at, and didn’t kill my plans–just pointed out all the reasons why waiting until June 2011 was smart (not the least of which is that Adrienne will graduate from high school that year, and waiting means she doesn’t have to leave her friends her senior year.)

So The Plan coincides with New Years Resolution time, which traditionally means year-long goals. But my plan extends over 18 months.

Now, it’s really easy for me to go over board with resolutions. I’m very good at that, as a matter of fact. I’ll watch Biggest Loser and make a plan to lose 100 pounds in six months. At as I’m writing my lists and checking them twice, it all looks good. The a couple of weeks later it’s abandoned, cause who can lost 100 pounds in six months without Jillian yelling at them–so I might as well eat Cherry Garcia.

The Plan is designed for the long haul. Instead of resolving to exercise two hours a day, everyday, for 18 months–I’ve committed myself to 10 minutes a day. Instead of promising to write the Great American Novel by next New Year’s Eve, I’ve just penciled in an hour a day.

My goal for the next two weeks is to really nail down The Plan. I also want to review some books that I really feel are going to enhance The Plan.

Stay tuned tomorrow for info on how the chronically unorganized plans to organize her big Plan.


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