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PhotoHunt 199: Average

I have two daughters. Two out of three. That means, I suppose, that on average my extraordinary children are girls. On average, my girls are both sweet-tempered, ultra-creative, and mild-mannered. Both of these girls are free-spirited free-thinkers, but outwardly they are calm, cool, and collected. (Most of the time.)

Yep. This guy? He broke the mold.

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Photo Hunt: 198 Spotted

Ruby in her flower spotted swimsuit and bug spotted floaty.

She has one inflated in her bedroom all year. She wears it like a ballerina’s tutu.

She is visiting her grandparents until next weekend.

I miss her.

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PhotoHunt 197: Balanced

A couple of years ago a circus came to our local high school gym.

The tightrope walker’s rope was about three feet off the hardwood floor.

Good thing, since about 10 seconds after I took this picture, he fell.

Don’t those star pants remind you of the Brady Bunch kids as the Silver Platters?

These folks were up higher. Thankfully, they didn’t fall.

Sad little crowd behind them though, huh? There were more on our side.

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PhotoHunt 195: Bulky

A couple of years ago I found a dress at a thrift store. It had acres of tulle that would cover literally every inch of the wearer from a high Victorian neck to long puffy sleeves to the floor. Whatever 1970s belle-of-the-ball wore that to prom would have looked like a big fluffy cloud.

But the dress was the most perfect ballerina pink color. And under that tulle, it had a really nice classic shape. So I handed over my $3 and took the pink cloud home with me.

It took me days to unpick a thousand stitches and remove the tulle outter layer from the bodice of the dress, revealing a simple, beautiful satin strapless top. I cut the dress in half and was left with yards of tulle. So I gathered it up and stitched it around the waist, making it a tea-length dress with a very full skirt.

I added a wide pink ribbon around waist and was so pleased with the result! So was the girl (very little girl…the dress has a 24″ waist!) who bought it for $150 from my Etsy store.

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