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Photo Hunt 196: Jiggly

My cheeky baby.

Plus, the chin dimple? Seriously, irresistable kid.

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Photo Hunt 194: Lick and Skywatch Friday

I think these bushes look like a lick of fire going across the dull summer-in-the-high-desert landscape.

I forgot to post my Skywatch Friday picture yesterday…so here it is:

Our little town’s only swimming pool is a little watering hole fed by a hot springs and maintained by the county. It has slides and diving boards going into it, and for the ten minutes it’s summer up here the kids adore it. This picture is the sky above that pool at the end of a perfect swimming day.


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PhotoHunt 193: twelve

Here’s Nick, age 12, showing off a homeschool project. We were studying Mesoamerican olmec sculptures.

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PhotoHunt 192: Fast

Yee Haw!  As soon as I saw this week’s Photo Hunt word, I thought of this picture. It’s Ruby, full force–flying off a bag of rock salt. My girl doesn’t do anything she doesn’t put her whole heart in to.

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