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Menu Plan Monday (And Some Thoughts on Money)

We did really well last week with not spending much on groceries. We’re going to try to continue the trend for the upcoming week.

So I’ve been thinking and thinking about how to manage getting unstuck. How to keep track, how to measure success. What does being unstuck mean to us?

Here’s what I came up with:

  • Being unstuck means that we can move away from where live now with confidence and security. That means:
  • Getting out of debt (about $10,000)
  • Having $10,000 in savings to fund the move, and to give us a cushion while we look for work
  • Being unstuck also means the least amount of outside-the-home work as possible. For both of us. That means:
  • Earning at $2500 per month from other sources. It’s possible we’ll need less to live on, once we’re out of debt. But we can be comfortable on $2500 per month.

So here’s the plan. We have a Paypal account. My freelance writing jobs, plus whatever we make from the Etsy store, funnels into that account. We’ll leave that money in there starting in March and let it build up until the end of the month. (With the exception of business expenses, like shipping. Customers pay their shipping fees into that account as well. After the item is shipped, we refund overage. All of that has to come out of the Paypal account.)

At the end of the month that money will go to pay off debt more quickly. We have been working with Freedom Debt for over a year. I called last week, because we had just about decided to cancel with them. But I was told that we’d just made our last payment where most of it went to pay our fee to them, and now all the money will build up to our account. When enough is in there, they’ll negotiate a pay off of each debt in turn. So we’ll send what’s in the Paypal account to add to the monthly payment they already take out. That should get us out of the majority of our debt (some medical bills aren’t connected to them) in six months or so. Then another few months to pay off everything else. And then the Paypal account will house our savings.

Sounds reasonable right?

I wish I wasn’t so notorious for big plans that get out of hand.

Okay…here’s what’s on the menu for this week:

  • Roasted chicken and potatoes with mustard greens
  • Sauteed spinach with feta cheese, walnuts, and dried cranberries over brown rice. (yum…this one is delicious. I’ll post a recipe.) Served with left over chicken.
  • Oven-baked fish, potatoes, and Brussel’s sprouts. (Super simple and very good. I’ll get a recipe up for this, too.)
  • Chicken Enchilada Bake
  • Poor Man’s Meal with gravy (thank you to the reader who posted that scrumptious idea. I’m so excited!)
  • A couple of left over/pantry nights.

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Meal Plan Monday

Our grocery store’s big semi-annual case lot sale is inĀ  two weeks. We’re saving up some money to stock up, so we’re going to attempt minimal food spending this week and next.

So with that in mind, I plan to cook a turkey next Thursday. It’ll feed us all weekend and into the next week. I have a frozen ham to cook the next week. We have plenty of food to carry us through, with the possible purchase of milk, bread, eggs, and fresh food if it’s on an exceptional sale.

Here’s this week’s plan:

  • I still haven’t made those green chile tacos. I really want to get the recipe up for you, so expect it this week.
  • I didn’t make the three bean chili last week either, so I’m moving it up.
  • Cage-free eggs were on sale this week, so we have three dozen. We’ll definitely be making something with those one night.
  • Pizza.

I’m not sure about the rest of the week. I might make a soup. I might have a night where everyone can just pick something out of the pantry and make it.

Tomorrow Ruby and I will choose a giveaway winner!

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