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Valentine’s Day Party, Ruby Style (and giveaway results)

For whatever reason, Ruby got super excited about Valentine’s Day this year.

I’m sure it had something to do with her grandma buying her some Sponge Bob valentines when she was visiting two weeks ago.

Probably also because, now that she’s 5, she can write her name, “Momma”, “Daddy”, “Sister”, “Nicky”, and “I love you.” So we have lots and lots of handmade valentine goodness going on here.

(See Daddy’s mustache? How cute is that?)

She wanted to have a party. I mean, she got so very excited about having a party that is was the topic of conversation from the moment she came home from her visiting. So we had a party.

Threading Light offered these lovely, lovely (and free) printable valentine mandala’s. We printed out a few and Ruby spent some time with them.

Daddy bought some special cookies and some red streamers (which decorated the doorway, hippie bead style) at the grocery store, and we were all set! The day called for a special princess dress, of course.

My day was filled to overflowing with love.

In other news:

Random.org chose comment number 34 for the giveaway winner. Jessie from Openly Balanced is the winner!


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Thursday Challenge: Romantic

Meet my husband.

He has worn that Disneyland shirt at least once a week since I bought it for him at a thrift store.

Almost eight years ago.

He doesn’t give me flowers.

It never occurs to him.

He does bring me chocolate sometimes (like today when I was having a horrendous day at work and he stopped by with Almond Joy on his way to work. We wouldn’t have seen each other otherwise. That bites.)

So what is it about this picture, with a silly look on his face and that ridiculous t-shirt, that made me think romantic?

Because in this picture he’s figuring out how to make an even cut in foam board because I had the idea to make a doll house for Ruby for Christmas.

This is what he does. (Just ask Ruby. Anytime anything is broken/stuck/ripped/stained, she doesn’t worry. She just says, “my Daddy will fix it.” With utter confidence.) He listens to my ideas, and then some time later he figures out a way to bring them to life. Without a lot of fanfare.

Like when he came home one day, about a week after I said, “let’s make Ruby a doll house”, with an armload of foam board and a new craft knife.

Be still my heart.

More Thursday Challenge here.

I’m having a giveaway!


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My Man (and a P.S. about Tonsillitis)

He hardly ever gets excited about anything.

This works fairly well in our marriage, since I get very excited about everything. He grounds me.

No. He doesn’t exude excitement. He won’t spend much time making plans for the future. It’s just not his style.

But he does pay attention.

When I woke up this morning, our desktop image had been changed to this beautiful picture of Seattle’s skyline.

P.S. I saw a doctor today. I have tonsillitis, and probably an ear infection. Can’t tell for sure, because apparently I have a growth in my ear canal that has gotten big enough to block my ear drum from view. I’ve had this little bump in my ear since I was a teenager. It came from years and years of daily swim team practices in cold water. But every time I’ve talked to a doctor they said as long as it wasn’t affecting my hearing, it’s not a big enough deal to risk surgery.

Apparently it is a big enough deal now.

I see the ears nose and throat doctor the first week of March, and surgery is probably on the horizons. For my tonsils too, apparently, since I’m too old for tonsillitis and those buggers should have (I swear he said this) shriveled up and fallen off by now.


Send out some healing vibes, please, that the antibiotics will restore my hearing in the mean time. Cause I’m losing my mind.


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The Plan: Week One

Week one. Month one. Seven days in.

I have a lot on my mind. Some of it isn’t super flattering, but in the interest of full disclosure and just plain honesty, I’m going to share it.

I have these three amazing children. Each is different and special and unique. Each is a shining bright beacon of hope and joy to me. Full of promise and potential and all the good things the world has to offer. I have a pretty fantastic husband, too.

And me? I spend a lot of time frustrated and irritated and raising my voice. Not all the time. Not most the time. But too much time. Sometimes I want to crawl under my desk and curl into a ball and beg to be left alone, to be given the room to breathe.

That isn’t easy to admit. I’m in tears right now.

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What a Day!

So this morning I dropped Nick off at his grandma’s house at the butt crack of dawn. It was still dark outside. I’m not even kidding. It was also approximately 10 below zero. That part is important.

My plan was to run to my office and do a ten minute job that had to be done this morning no matter what, then drop a package off at the jail for a client and pick up a check from them, and then come home to pick up Kevin and get on the road by 9 so that we could get to Elko by noon.

Easy peasy right?

Oh so wrong.

First, the moment I slid my mini-van down the incredibly steep and icy hill leading away from Nick’s grandparent’s house, my cell phone rang. It was my supervisor. Apparently on their end of the state they were expecting some snow so the meeting in Elko was canceled. She hoped I wasn’t already on my way.

Okay. Fine. I’ll go to work instead. I was really looking forward to a weekend alone with my husband AND a movie AND Burger King AND Wal-Mart. But whatever. Work it is.

I drove the two blocks to work, opened my office door, and knew immediately something was wrong. My frozen breath was a clue. Ten below, remember? It might have been twelve below in my office.

I am NOT even kidding. I swear I’m not. The water in the toilets was frozen solid.

I spent an hour, freezing my poor toes and nose off, getting maintenance notified, doing that stupid 10 minute job, letting the urine testing lady know that the frozen toilets that had made her life miserable all weekend would not be a problem tonight, calling in frozen-out-of-my-office, and informing the-girl-whose-last-day-is-Thursday that our office was fit only for Frosty the Snowman. Then I went home. It took fifteen minutes for me to be able to feel my feet again.

I told you. Whew.

But the day wasn’t bad. Not at all. I love when things get a good shake up. I spent the day with Ruby and Kevin, I went grocery shopping and stopped at two of the three local thrift stores and found some great stuff for almost nothing. (I’ll post some pics tomorrow.) We went out to dinner. (I know, I know, but it’s not January yet!)

The toilets are no longer frozen in my office, which means that a couple dozen people didn’t have to balance over a glacer and try hard to aim for that little plastic cup.

All in all, this day can be chalked up as memorable and exciting, and overall solidly good.

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Happy Birthday, Daddy


In our family, Christmas is slightly overshadowed by birthdays. Starting with Ruby on the 8th, then Nick on the 12th, and finally Kevin today, the 23rd. December is just one big celebration around here. Tonight Kevin requested Mexican food, so he and I went to our favorite restaurant for fajitas. It was delicious.

I’ve had a really difficult week at work. I’ve been walking around in a funk really feeling like nothing in my life is working. I hate being in the place, and I rarely ever am. But I have been, hard core.

And then my husband turned 41. And I remembered how lucky I am. I have a husband who makes me laugh so hard every single day that it literally takes my breath away. I have a husband who is on the verge of calling my boss and quitting for me, just to make me happy.

I have a really good husband. How can all of my life be a train wreck when I can say that with complete honesty?

All the rest is nonsense that will work itself out somehow.

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