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The One Where John Robbins Really Blows It

I found this article, written by John Robbins for Huffington Post, while doing research for my last post, and I couldn’t not write about it.

Robbins, in case you aren’t familiar with him, is the son of Mr. Robbins of Baskin Robbins fame. (He gave up his father’s fortune, then lost nearly all of his own money in the Bernie Madoff pyramid debacle.) He’s the author of Diet for a New America, which was the first book I ever read (in high school) that made me look at food as more than something good to eat. When he talks about food, people listen.


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Of Umbrellas and Calorie-Storage Machines

Here’s an interesting article about two US studies that show that health problems in fat people are more closely tied to discrimination, and the resultant isolation, than to actually being fat.

In social work classes I learned that correlation does not equal causation.

For instance: More people carry umbrellas on cloudy days. This doesn’t mean that umbrellas cause rain.

So–think about this: discrimination and isolation lead to food restriction (dieting) and a feeling that you shouldn’t be seen exercising, what with the jiggling belly and bouncing boobs and all.

No one should have to look at that, right?

Also, it’s no fun to be made fun of.

So, you lose some weight, because you’re starving yourself. But then you eat again, because you’re a human being that needs food to survive. So, your body now believes that you’re in a famine and enjoys the feast, and as a result becomes more efficient at processing calories.

And then you do it  again. And again.

You don’t have to chase a wooly mammoth for dinner, and you’re still too embarrassed to be seen moving any more than necessary in public, so you get fatter as your body becomes a more and more efficient calorie storing machine.

This isn’t a new story, right? Who hasn’t heard it before?

Dieting=temporary starvation on purpose.

Starvation=not good for the human body and its systems.

The starving person gets sick, even though some people think that their body looks like it hasn’t ever seen an all-you-can-eat buffet it couldn’t put out of business.

Do you believe that rain is caused by too many people bringing umbrellas to work?

Does it make anymore sense to look at a person who is fat and sick and pretend that you know that the correlation of the two is the direct cause of the former?





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My Man (and a P.S. about Tonsillitis)

He hardly ever gets excited about anything.

This works fairly well in our marriage, since I get very excited about everything. He grounds me.

No. He doesn’t exude excitement. He won’t spend much time making plans for the future. It’s just not his style.

But he does pay attention.

When I woke up this morning, our desktop image had been changed to this beautiful picture of Seattle’s skyline.

P.S. I saw a doctor today. I have tonsillitis, and probably an ear infection. Can’t tell for sure, because apparently I have a growth in my ear canal that has gotten big enough to block my ear drum from view. I’ve had this little bump in my ear since I was a teenager. It came from years and years of daily swim team practices in cold water. But every time I’ve talked to a doctor they said as long as it wasn’t affecting my hearing, it’s not a big enough deal to risk surgery.

Apparently it is a big enough deal now.

I see the ears nose and throat doctor the first week of March, and surgery is probably on the horizons. For my tonsils too, apparently, since I’m too old for tonsillitis and those buggers should have (I swear he said this) shriveled up and fallen off by now.


Send out some healing vibes, please, that the antibiotics will restore my hearing in the mean time. Cause I’m losing my mind.


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No Weigh

I don’t know how much I weigh.

Of course, I have some idea. It hasn’t been that long since I got on a scale. Perhaps a month. But prior to a month ago, I could tell you exactly how much I weighed at any time of day. I had a habit of stepping on the scale everytime I went into the bathroom. Every. Single. Time.

I stopped, for the most part, because I went slightly off the deep end eating-wise in the month of November. I have a crazy realtionship with food. I love it. It doesn’t always love me back. But still, even when I know something is going to make me sick (anything with gluten, which sometimes feels like anything at all), I eat. And eat. It’s my quick cure for feeling lonely, for being sad, for celebrating, for rewarding myself. Occassionally, as in the month of November, I get on a roll, which turns into a bonefide binge. It feeds on itself, until I really have made myself sick enough to stop. The gluten makes it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning, my hair starts to fall out, my period nearly kills me…and finally the pain is bad enough to make me stop.

I’m not proud of that. I want to be the kind of girl whose body is a temple and who never, ever puts anything in it that won’t nurish and strengthen her. I want to eat clean and feel healthy. My brain just isn’t on board yet.

I’ve been gluten-free again since the day after Thanksgiving. I still haven’t weighed myself. I’ve decided to stay off the scale until 12/31/2010. That might seem like a little thing to some of you. Maybe some of you understand how big of a deal it really is to me.

It means that I’ll be forced not to start 2010 with a diet. Because how can you be on a diet if you’re not monitoring your weight? This will be the first non-diet New Year’s Day I’ve had since about the fourth grade. God, that’s a sad sad statement right there. Sad. And true.

It means that if I’m accepted into Goddard College, I’ll go to both the Spring and Fall residencies without knowing how much I weigh. I won’t know if I’m less than my heighest weight ever. I won’t know if I’ve gained weight.  I also won’t know what I weigh when I see my family at major holidays.

Mostly, though, not weighing myself for a year means that I’ll have to rethink my obsession with my weight. So when I eat, instead of thinking about my fat ass, I’ll be able to enjoy my food. And then maybe just eat enough to be full, instead of stuffing myself like the Thanksgiving turkey because I’m back on my diet tomorrow.

So the Year of No Weigh doesn’t officially start until 1/1/2010, but I’m not planning on weighing myself the rest of this year either. I’m fully aware that without keeping a very close and tight watch on my weight, I could gain. A lot. But I really believe that won’t happen. This is the year when I start to eat for my health, and not the number on the scale.

I’d love to have some friends along for the No Weigh ride. What about you guys? What is your relationship with your scale? How do you think your life would be affected by throwing it out for a year?

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