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Grocery Round-up

The two-week case lot sale starts next week. As a result, this week’s flier is…well…weak. And we’re still trying not to buy too much. We’re doing well with it. We’ve spend much less than $100 per week for three weeks! Here are the highlights from this week’s flier.

  • Oranges 3 lbs for $1. (Ruby adores oranges. A lot. It’s nearly the end of the season, so I think we’ll stock up on these. That’s a great price. I’m hoping when our mailed flier comes, our ‘platinum’ status gives us an even better price.)
  • Whole grain pasta 99 cents. (This isn’t a bad price. But I don’t know if next week’s case lot price will be better. They usually don’t have whole grain pasta on the case lot at all, just the store brand white flour stuff. I think we’ll wait until we get the flier for that sale before we make a decision.)

Would you believe that’s it? I told you…a weak flier this week.

More grocery round-up here.


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Grocery Round-up

Our plan is to do minimal shopping for the next two weeks in order to have more money available for our semi-annual case-lot/25%-off-the-whole-order-coupon shopping blow-out. (Doesn’t that sound like fun?)

This week’s flier is light on sales anyway, which I’m not complaining about. It would suck if I felt the pull to buy more.

Here are the few things we plan on buying:

  • The chicken brand that I feel comfortable buying has whole chickens on sale for $2.97/56 ounce. That’s 85 cents a pound, which is a great stock up price.
  • Tortilla chips are on sale for 84 cents. We’re trying to stay away from processed foods (okay I am, for all of us), but we do eat these with salsa.
  • 16 ounces of organic olive oil are on sale for $5.28. I’m going to take a look and see if this is more than 25 percent off.

That’s it. I’ll let you know if we actually stick to our guns here.

The best thing happened today. I was in the grocery store picking up a flier, and the manager (Kevin’s friend Ramos) ran out to me and handed me three sheets of paper and said, “You have homework.”

It was the entire list of Gluten-free food options open to them through their distributor. And he wants me to mark the ones I want him to stock! Corn Pasta! Some cereal other than Rice Chex! Sorghum flour! The possibilities are making my head spin. I’m so excited!

(As if the exclamation points didn’t give me away!!!)

More round-up here.

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Grocery Round-up

(Hey, hey, I’m having a giveaway…)

I really love that Kevin is friends with one of the managers at our local market, and that he gets a sales flier over the weekend instead of on Tuesday when the prices roll over. I have no real idea why this tickles me so much, but it does.

We’ve been shopping in season and local-to-the-West-Coast since the first of the year. It’s working well so far. We have a good deal of the 80 pounds of apples and 45 pounds of potatoes we’d bought for storage left. The last couple of weeks, the sales haven’t been spectacular, but it’s been okay because our pantry is stocked.

Here is what stood out to me from this weeks flier:

  • Fresh asparagus for $1.79 per pound. We don’t like frozen or canned asparagus, but love love love it fresh. If this is grown on the West Coast, I’ll just get enough for a meal or two.
  • Russet potatoes for 69 cents per five pound bag.
  • Pears for 89 cents per  pound. This is a good deal, and I’d like to buy a case.
  • Whole chickens of the brand that I feel most comfortable buying (Just Bare Chicken), $5. This is a good deal, half off.
  • Frozen vegetables for 74 cents. I prefer fresh veggies, of course, but frozen is my second choice. I’m not sure if I’ll take advantage of this or not.
  • Cage-free eggs, $2.19 a dozen. This is a fantastic deal as I just spent $4 for these this week. I’ll probably stock up on at least four dozen.

More grocery round-up here.


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Grocery Round-up

I have a giveaway going on!

Gah. I forgot my grocery round-up for this week.

Know why? Because it’s waiting for the weekend. We’re going to Vegas to pick up Ruby and spend the night with Kevin’s mom and dad. That means we get a variety of grocery stores. That’s always a little exciting.

Our pantry is pretty well built-up right now, so we’re eating from it until then.

In Las Vegas, we’re going to stock up on organic, grass-fed, ethical meat. I’m trying to bolster myself for how expensive it’s going to be, by reminding myself that not everything can be about paying the least for the most. There are other costs involved here. I don’t want to be a vegetarian, for one. And it’s fair to pay a fair price for food that doesn’t make me queasy to think about.

My very favorite store in Las Vegas is Sunflower Market. I’ll be headed there. Here are some highlights from their sales flyer.

  • Organic winter squash for .99 cents per pound. I’m going to stock up, because this stuff stores well and is delicious.
  • Organic red and yellow onions for .89 cents per pound. Another stock up.
  • Bulk walnuts for $3.99 per pound.
  • Organic bulk quinoa for $3.49 per pound. (I looked for this in Elko, and the cheapest I saw was $7.99 per pound!)
  • Bulk dried apricots for $2.99 per pound.
  • They have spare ribs on sale for $1.99 per pound. I am hoping (hard) that they are a brand that I feel comfortable buying from. I’m going to call before we go.

I’m not sure what else we’ll get. This feels like some kind of  culinary adventure.

More round-up here.

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Grocery Round-up

I’m liking this new way of doing Grocery Round-up. It was super helpful to me this past week.

The plan, for those just joining in on the fun here at the Juice, is to list the good deals from the current weeks flier on Tuesdays. I’m also going to go ahead and recap my past weeks shopping experience.

Good times!

So this past week we did some stocking up. We bought 30 pounds of potatoes (I already had 15, so a total of 45 stored.) We also picked up some baby back ribs on a 1/2 off last-day sale. I cooked those in the slow cooker and they were amazing. We bought 10 pounds of pasta as well, which will store just fine in our pantry. Most of the things that were listed as some kind of big stock-up sale, when I got there were only a few pennies off. Not good enough.

I brought Kevin with me to the store. Nice for togetherness, not so great for our bill. We always talk each other into stuff we don’t really really need. Also, he has the same sinus thing that I’ve had, so we needed some medicine. Our total for the trip was $102–$15 of that was medication and maybe $10 was comfort food (read: ice cream) for the sickies.

Here’s what’s in store for the coming week. (Is it crazy that this really does excite me? Kevin is friends with the store manager and he gives us a flier three or four days before anyone else sees one. It feels so super spy!)

  • Bone-in pork chops $1.39/lb. This is not bad. It’s under my $2.00 meat limit by a nice little bit.
  • Cameo apples $.69/lb. This is a GREAT deal for here. I consider apples a steal locally if they are $.99. That’s usually for mealy little Red Delicious small apples. These are large apples, and Cameos are nice crisp. I’m going to ask the produce manager to sell me 40 pounds. I’m a little nervous about the storage, but I pulled out my copy of Putting Food By, and I’m sure that it’s going to be fine.
  • Tangelos $.79 another good fruit deal. I’ve been able to buy oranges for $6.99 for a 20 pound box ($.35/lb) the last month or two, but that’s done for the year. I have one of those boxes left. I will probably pick up some tangelos. My kids are big on citrus.
  • Fresh pineapple $.79/lb. Great deal, but pineapple season doesn’t start until March, so I’m pretty sure these won’t be in my in season/Western US guidelines. Red bell peppers are $10/10…same deal. I bet they were both grown in Mexico. *pout*
  • 56 oz of chicken legs (not organic, but antibiotic-free) for $3.99. The regular price is $6.99, so this is a stock-up price for us.
  • 4 oz cans of fire-roasted chiles (whole or chopped.) This is a favorite, and at a good price, so I expect to stock up.
  • Pork ribs $1.89. This is the same price I paid for the 1/2 off ribs this past week. They were so amazingly good, that I think I’ll buy some more since they fit into the under $2.00/lb guideline.
  • 48 oz canola oil $2.67. I paid $3.50 or so for 32 ounces this week, which was a sale price. *sigh*
  • 16 oz store-brand (doesn’t taste bad…not the best, but not bad) salsa $1.38. This is a good price, and we use a lot of salsa.

More grocery round-up here.

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Grocery Round Up

NOTE: Our flier came in the mail today. Because we’re “platinum members” the sale prices were a little better in some cases than online, so I updated.

I’ve been thinking about this all day.

I love Grocery Round-up in theory, but I’ve always struggled to get it right. Fact is, Tuesdays are awkward for me, because I never shop in the middle of the week. I always shop on the weekend. But our new flyer comes out on Tuesday. So when Grocery Round-up day comes along, I’m already thinking about next week, and I’m making myself go backward.

So I’ve decided that instead of posting what I’ve already bought, I’m going to post the best deals out of the new flyer and my plans for the next week. This will help me way more, and I think it will be more interesting.

So here goes:

This week our local store is having a mini stock-up sale. Some of the deals aren’t bad.

  • $5 $ 3 for 30 pounds of potatoes. This is a great deal for here (17-ish cents per pound.) Potatoes last for months in my unheated laundry room, so I’m thinking of getting 60 pounds. Holy cow…this really is a great deal for here. Any idea how long potatoes will last in a semi-humid (washer and dryer in the room) very cool (refrigerator cool) condition?
  • Hunt’s canned spaghetti sauce: $.88 $.81 each or a case of 12 for $10.56  $9.72. This is a good deal as far as cheap-y pasta sauce goes. I prefer to make my own. If I pick up a case of this, it will be to satisfy my need (which I’ll write about soon) to have a supply of food on hand even if it’s not the best. Like an emergency stash.
  • Pasta: $.88  $.81 (case of 24 for $19.44) each. This is just basic white flour spaghetti. Pasta almost never goes on a sale this good around here. I’ll probably pick some up to go with my emergency stash of Hunt’s spaghetti sauce. For everyday use, I usually buy something made with whole grains that is more expensive. But it rarely goes on sale, so this would fill in the gaps until I can get out of town on a day that bigger stores are having a good-pasta sale.
  • Broccoli: $.69 per pound. I think I’ll get extra and blanch it to freeze.
  • Tomatoes: $.89 per pound. So-so price, so just enough for the week.
  • Cans of store-brand organic vegetables: $.99 We almost never eat canned veggies as a regular thing, except for corn. But I do keep a stock of canned just-in-case veggies that we eat just enough of to keep things rotated. These are usually store-brand non-organic that I get at the case-lot sale twice a year for something like 30 cents a can. I might get some organic corn, but I haven’t decided yet.
  • Hunts tomato sauce: $.29 each 8 ounce can. Case of 24 for $6.96, case of 48 for $13.92. (This is a good deal. I have a good number of cans still in my pantry from the case lot sale, so I’m not sure if I’ll take advantage of it.)
  • Hunts ketchup: $.97. Case of 12 for $11.64. Ruby is a ketchup-aholic. I’ll probably get some of this.
  • S&W canned tomatoes, 15 ounces for .$95. This isn’t a super super deal, but a good enough one and I’m out of tomatoes. Case for $11.40. I’ll probably buy a case to tide us over until the March case lot sale.
  • Cheerios: 6/$12. I just bought five boxes for $1.88 each in Elko. $2.00 a box is the best it gets here, and not a bad deal. I may get these. We don’t do gross sugary kids cereal around here, so Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Shredded Wheat, and Rice Chex are about it. All three of my kids like cereal for breakfast and for snacks.
  • Oscar Meyer beef hotdogs 2/$5. My husband and my kids l-o-v-e hot dogs. I have a philosophical problem with something called a meat weiner. So beef it is. $2.50 a package is a good not-summer price for beef hot dogs around here. I’m sure I’ll get these.
  • Smuckers Grape Jam $1.87 for 32 ounces. Case of 12 for $22.44 For my kids and husband, there is only one compliment to peanut butter. This would be it. (Me? I like strawberry, or marmalade. But my family goes for grape jam every time.) This summer, when strawberries are cheapish, I plan on making my own. In the meantime, this is a decent sale price for here.
  • Progresso Soup 10/$10. This is a favorite in our house. I’ve never seen it this low here. Usually 3/$5 is the lowest it goes, so I’ll be getting these.
  • Kiwi: 3/$1. This is the only fruit listed on sale this week. That really bites. And I’m sure these are from a couple 1000 miles away. I may or may not get them depending on that. I’m hoping that there are some unadvertised fruit specials, or we’ll have to make do with this weeks 20 pounds of oranges.

If we buy all of this stuff: $120. That includes one case of each case lot item, maximum amounts on the cereal and hotdogs, five pounds of each vegetable, 10 cans or organic corn, and six kiwi.

That’s it. Very little fresh produce on sale this week, but some ok deals on pantry items. The potatoes are the deal of the week. I’m tempted to buy even more than 60 pounds, but I’m afraid they’d go bad before we used them. Our laundry room stays cold at least until May (we’ve had snow on the last day of school every year that we’ve lived here, our winter is long.) We’ll see.

I’ve talked before about how much I love having a well-stocked pantry. It has a psychological meaning to me, that I’ll go into at a later date. But I love being able to only buy the things that are priced right, and shopping in my pantries for the stuff that isn’t.

Not only is it good for my psyche, it frees up money for stuff like the expensive flours I need or treats. I’m trying to make myself buy goats milk cheese. I love the stuff, but the only kind they sell here costs $5 for a tiny little bit. I’d love to try making my own. Does anyone have a recipe or any tips?

More round-up here.

More frugal fun here. And here.


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Grocery Round-up

I actually took pictures this time!


  • Skippy peanut butter: 6 X .98= 5.88
  • Cheerios (18 oz boxes): 4 X 1.88=7.52
  • Cheese: 12 X .98=11.76


  • peanut butter (case of 12): 12.00
  • Ramen Noodles (cases): 3.00×2=6.00
  • sloppy joe sauce: 1.00×2=2.00


  • maseca: 2.78
  • corn meal: 2.08
  • butter: 2.22X2=4.44
  • taquitos (box of 50)=6.88
  • vinegar (four bottles)=3.38
  • big box of goldfish crackers=6.46
  • GF brownie mix: 3.98
  • dried cranberries: 1.68
  • big bottle olive oil: 11.72

Total: 91.94

This week was all about restocking the pantry with items that were on sale at the different stores I had access to in Elko.

It’s interesting how actually reporting what you bought and what you spent on it gets your wheels turning.

The taquitos and goldfish crackers were obviously ‘treats.’ At about $14 they were a good 1/5 of my whole amount spent for the week. I could have used that $14 to start building up a supply of high quality ingredients instead of buying processed junk that at the moment I thought we ‘deserved’ as a treat. As I bought those gluten-free taquitos, I actually had the thought that I needed them. And I believed myself.

We definitely operate under the pantry system here. Twice a year our local grocery store has a case lot sale where pantry-ish items go on a sale that rivals out-of-town prices. We also can use the points on our loyalty card to ‘buy’ a 25% off discount coupon. So twice a year we spend about $500 stocking up our pantry/freezer (we have a chest freezer). We routinely save $1000 off the full price for those items, so this represents getting groceries for about 75 percent off.

Throughout the year I stock up on items that were on sale. Like the peanut butter and cheese this week. (At home full-price peanut butter is $3.25, and doesn’t go on sale for less than $2.00 ever. I can get cheese for $2.00 a pound once a year, the week before Christmas.)

This way, we rarely ever do a regular for-the-week shopping order. We buy what’s on sale and then shop our pantry and freezer.

More round-up here.


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