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Pics of the Birthday Girl

First. Dig the socks. They’re bumble bees. One dollar bumble bees. Cute and cozy and cheapĀ at the same time. Beat that. I dare you! Here Ruby is showing off her favorite parts of her bithday–the hats, the balloons, and the blowers.

Here she is giving that blower a run for it’s money. Oh wait. You noticed her nose? Yeah, about thirty seconds after she opened the markers, she decided to do an imitation of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Once the red marker is on the nose, all you can really do is say…good look, dove.

The infamous $10 easel. My girl loves to draw and write and color. I’m not normally huge on coloring books. It started when Adrienne was a girl. She was (and is) so intent on following the rules, she would get anxious about coloring something the ‘wrong’ color. Ruby, as evidenced by Snow White’s blue lips, is slightly more relaxed than her sister. I still like plain paper–but these pages seemed made for this easel.

And here is a newly five-year-old girl both showing her age–and telling her mother to talk to the hand cause the face is tired of getting it’s picture taken.


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