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Spinach Shirred Eggs

Another egg recipe.

I do believe this exhausts all the fancy ways I know to cook eggs. This being the fanciest.

Shirred eggs is a fancy-pants way of saying baked eggs in cream. These are rich and delicious and way easier to make than they look.

The cream in the bottom of the cup makes the whites turn to velvet and taste as good as the yolk, or even better. No, really. Scrumptious.

The best thing about this recipe is that its totally adaptable. I’ve seen shirred eggs made with bacon or ham in the bottom of the cup. You could use a different veggie. You can also change up the kind of cheese you use.  A larger cup lets you cook two eggs at once for less clean up later.

Also, if you put these eggs in the oven and forget about them until you can smell them cooking 40 minutes later, they still taste great. They’ll have a hard yolk (as you can see in the picture), but we like them that way. Twenty minutes gives you a hard yolk, too. The only difference I saw with letting the eggs over cook was that the cheese was crunchy, instead of gooey.

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