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Project Christmas: Success!

I was secretly a little worried that the kids were going to notice the fewer gifts and be secretly disappointed. None of them, even Ruby, would complain. But I was so happy that they were super excited about their gifts.

I took pictures of all my kids, but out of respect for the teenagers who don’t want pjs and bed head on the internet, I’m only posting those of Ruby this early.

The puppet theater was a roaring success. The whole family has gotten in on the act.

I found brother and sister puppets. They haven’t been named yet, but you can be sure they will be. Ruby names everything. Here she is playing with her daddy on the other side.

We also bought some dollar store puppet making kits. Here’s Nick entertaining with the world’s whitest white puppet.

I should have known though, that THIS would be Ruby’s favorite puppet of the day.

The doll house went over well. Ruby ADORED the little family, and the furniture Nick and I made for her, plus the little pieces Kevin found at Michaels and Toys R Us. She’ll pain the plain wood furniture herself, which I can guarantee she will love. I wasn’t super happy with the way the house itself turned out. The glue warpped it a little. Ruby didn’t notice though, and she was ecstatic. We might secretly put together another one. We might not.

I love LOVE this picture–because just as I snapped it, Ruby was saying…”Daddy! Santa brought me the library!”

I’ll post again when the big kids are presentable!


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Ruby’s House

Ooh! I’m so excited! I may be the only person in the world that gets happy over defective presents. But there you have it. I said in an earlier post that I got Ruby an easel for $29 at our local toy store. Well, we opened it up, and it’s missing a screw and has a dinged up corner. Kevin went to return it today, and the owner let him have it for $10! I’m so happy, cause I searched again all day today, and can’t find anything for much less than $40. Stay tuned on the 9th for pics and one happy artistic five-year-old.

Ruby got this for her birthday from her grandparents. Since I’m not known for my patience, I let her open it when it came. She had fun with it for a bit, but it’s kind of a one trick pony with the light up bristles. The snotty-textured paint is not great to work with.  It made it hard to paint, cause there is a  delay, and the brush is really chunky and the cord makes it hard to manage. Still, she did like how the colors came up like magic. In Ruby’s world, magic is  good. 

What was GREAT to work with, was the box it was mailed in. Ruby picked it up, said “it looks like a house mama” and it was off to the races. Here’s what she had by the end of the day. Not shown is the plastic 1/2 gallon ice cream container that we recycled quite nicely into a dog house/grooming station.

If you look closely, you’ll see why Angel was so interested…

The little red thing is a Pam lid doing double duty as the pink poodle’s food bowl. We don’t own a dog, so it’s filled with cat food!

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