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At the thrift store last week, I found a pair of size 13 knitting needles for fifty cents.

I bought them on a whim. Since, you know, I don’t know how to knit.

I had this gorgeous ball of yarn that I’d recycled from a wool sweater. The colors, forest green, ice blue, and turquoise, might be my new favorite combination. They’re so rich and lovely.

So last night I searched Google and found this set of directions for casting on, and for knit stitch. I love the directions because the pictures are clear, and the directions don’t assume I know anything I don’t. I’ve been crocheting since I was 8, when my Nana taught me, but I have never knitted. I’ve tried to learn before and just couldn’t get a rhythm down.

Last night I was determined to figure it out.

And I did!

It took a minute to get the hang of putting the right hand needle into the stitch right. Sometimes in the beginning I would somehow end up with the stitch on the left being too tight to fit the needle into. And the more I tried, the tighter it got. After a few rows though, I figured out how to hold the needles so that the stitches didn’t tighten up.

Knitting is fun! It takes more concentration, of course, than something I’ve been doing for thirty years. But there is a real satisfaction in seeing that knitted fabric grow from the bottom of the needles. And knitting is so different from crochet. The fabric it makes is stretchier, softer. (I did know this already…but it was fun to learn it first hand.)

So why ouch?

Because I got carried away.  And I think I got Knitter’s Wrist? Knitter’s Thumb? I don’t know if it has a name. But my right hand, from my thumb to my wrist HURTS. A lot. I also rubbed a raw spot on my right pinkie.

My left hand is fine. But my right hand is in full rebellion.

Has this ever happened to you knitters?

I’m so excited to bring this cute skinny scarf with me to Vermont in April.



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The Princess of All She Sees

This is what I did in the last hour instead of writing up evaluations and court reports…

Because, you know…

she doesn’t have quite a big enough Princess Complex yet.

Also, too adorable right? The pattern is from Tonya at Plain and Joyful Living. Fabulous lady, fabulous blog…her newsletter is really special and fun to get in the mail. I made this crown from yellow cotton worsted weight yarn and a size G crochet hook.


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Crafty Weekend

Kevin’s taken Ruby to Las Vegas to have a Christmas visit with his parents. I have to work on Monday, so I stayed home. So…crafty weekend! Here are my plans:

1. To finish Ruby’s doll house

2. To paint peg dolls for the house

3. To make the doorway puppet theater

4. To make Adrienne and Nicholas fleece hats and scarves

I put the fabric in the wash for the theater, and then thought I’d try making my own fleece hat to see how it worked out. I’m in love with it. It fits nice and snug over my ears and will definitely keep me nice and warm this winter. I wanted to give it little ears, but it looked silly so I just gave it a round finish.

I’m wearing my new fleece cardi…but I couldn’t get a decent self-pic of it. I’ll keep trying.

I also wanted to share these little guys that I’ve already painted:

My family–peg style! How cute are we? I even made our two kitties…Charlie is the orange one, Angel is the white one. There’s Ruby in pink, Adrienne in green, Nick with blond hair, and me and Kevin in the back. Ruby is going to be so excited when she sees them. I have a bunch more pegs, so I’m going to fill out her little world with them.

Okay…last crafty note for the day. I went to the little local thrift store earlier this week and found these two ribbons. I think I may have actually squealed a little when I saw them. Total of 50 cents. The birdie one says “A little Birdie Told Me” all around it. The flower basket one is at least six inches wide. It’s more like a mini bolt of fabric. I’m thinking I might be able to make a little wallet or pouch out of it.

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