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Best GF Mac and Cheese EVER

I have struggled to find a macaroni and cheese recipe that I like, even before I went gluten-free. Not being able to eat normal pasta made it worse, because rice macaroni tastes like glue to me. (I like thai rice noodles though, so figure.)

But I made some baked macaroni and cheese yesterday that was so good. The ultimate comfort food. Rich and warm and gooey and so, so delicious. Also, gluten-free. Your gluten eaters won’t miss the wheat flour at all.

The key, I think, is to buy quinoa pasta. I used shells. For some reason I have never had success making a baked pasta dish with rice pasta. Qunioa holds it’s texture and doesn’t get mushy. Also, it’s full of protein and really nutritious.

This is another dish that is just better if you don’t try to de-fat it. I’ve made mac and cheese with low-fat or non-fat cheese, skim milk and no butter before. It’s just not the same. I ended up just eating the whole pan trying to get the gooey comfort my brain and mouth wanted. With this, a serving is just enough.

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Tomato Poached Eggs

I love eggs. I especially love, on school days when I have the mornings to myself, to eat a kind of late-ish brunchy breakfast with eggs that I don’t have to make five servings of. It feels totally indulgent and lovely.

My very favorite way to eat eggs is poached in spicy tomato sauce. This dish is very adaptable. Since it’s early when I make it in the morning and I’m not usually feeling up to experimentation, I use canned Mexican tomato sauce. However, you could also use plain tomato sauce and add Middle Eastern spices to make this into shakshuka. Basil turns it into an Italian breakfast.

In other words, I’m giving you the quick and easy recipe here. You could get much fancier if you wanted.

1 small can Mexican tomato sauce

3 eggs

salt, pepper and dried parsley

feta cheese

Pour the tomato sauce into a small frying pan or a sauce pan. You don’t want to use too big of a pan or the sauce will be too shallow. Turn the heat onto medium-high and bring the sauce to a simmer.

Crack your eggs, one at a time into a small dish, then slip them into the sauce.

Season each egg with salt and pepper. I also like to use dried parsley.

Spoon some of the sauce over the top of the eggs.

Let the eggs simmer at a medium heat until the whites have set. Here’s where I do things maybe a little different than you might. I don’t like runny yolks. The only exception would be if I was serving these over rice (which is amazingly delicious), in which case slightly runny is okay.  But since I usually eat them with corn tortillas, I just don’t like the yolks runny. So I flip them and let them cook on both sides and cook until the yolk is just barely set as well.

The eggs thicken the sauce. I always use a one can of sauce to three egg ration. In the beginning it might seem like you can put more eggs in if you want, but the sauce really gets thick (and so yummy) and won’t work with more than three eggs.

Put your eggs on a plate once they’re cooked through and top with feta cheese.

If you’re not gluten free, these are really good over a good toasted sourdough bread. They are also, as I said, delicious over rice. When you serve it either of these ways, just spoon the thick sauce over the bread or rice as well. For those who are gluten-free like me, corn tortillas go really well with them. I usually put the eggs in the tortillas taco style.

I’ve also eaten these with some sauteed spinach on top, which was really good.

When I’m eating them for breakfast, I almost always include an orange which is a great counterbalance to the spiciness.

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