Rad Fatties Project

The Rad Fatties Project is a collection of silent self-portraits.

The goal of the project is to examine the difficulty some of us have looking at our physical selves and start to bridge the gap between our inner and outer selves.

This is an opportunity to look at yourself without the voice of judgment. No pointing out or apologizing for any part of your body. This is a project designed to encourage body-positivity.

Beyond that, I believe that by putting ourselves out there, we step into a revolution. By expressing ourselves physically–in addition to our words, we have to opportunity to say in one more way that we deserve our space.

And we need a revolution, don’t we?

Post a picture or a series of pictures on your own blog on Fridays. (I’ll post on Thursday nights.) It doesn’t have to be you alone, but you need to be present. It can be a staged self-portrait, a snapshot of your life, or maybe even an old picture of you. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are there. This is a silent project–that means, no commentary from you on the photograph in the post. Just a title.

Comments might lead to conversation. That’s a good thing! On this blog, body-positivity is a must. I encourage you set the same rule on yours.

Once you’ve posted, come back to my blog and add your link. Make sure to direct your viewers back to my project post for the week so that they can see everyone’s badass radness.

Episode Three

Episode Two

Episode One


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