Defiant Athlete

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Being a Defiant Athlete.

Week of April 2-8

I liked having a week list, and didn’t feel compelled to follow it if something needed to change. So, here we are.

Saturday: Gym, elliptical (aim for something more than 15 min.), yoga, arm strength training

Sunday: Yoga at home, leg strength training.

Monday: Gym, distance training day, walk a 5K (personal best is 66 minutes.)

Tuesday: Outdoor walk (at least a tiny bit further than I did last week.)

Wednesday: Day off, family bowling day, yoga at home.

Thursday: Gym, treadmill (30 min intervals), core strength training.

Friday: Gym, speed training day, see how fast I can walk a mile (personal best is 20 minutes.)

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One response to “Defiant Athlete

  1. Jill Kelley

    Way to go Shaunta! Keep up the good work.

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