Things that make my life juicy:

1. I have a really fabulous husband who is super supportive of my craziest ideas.

2. I have three brilliant, spectacular children.

3. I’m a published fiction writer. If I get my act together, I could be even more published.

4. I’m four three two semesters away from a college education.

5. I live in the mountains, in the fresh air, in the snow.

6. I work from home as a content writer.

7. We have enough. Not an overabundance, but definitely enough.

8. I had the kind of childhood/adolescence that makes you stronger if you survive it. And I survived.

9. I’m loved.

10. By luck of birth, only the sky is my limit.

What makes your life juicy?


Trying to reach me?

Awesome, I’d love to hear from you!

shauntagrimes @ gmail (dot) com

p.o. box 1262, McGill, NV 89318

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I’m a professional writer and editor and would love to talk about your project.

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3 responses to “About

  1. Quite similiar to yours it seems.

    Sometimes even I can’t believe how my hubby supports some of my crazt thoughts, But I love it.

    I loveeeeee making yogurt, The very best part is, The 4 youngest kids can hardly wait for it to get up from it’s “nap” so they can gobble it down, I really love that.

    homeschooling 6 kids is the funnest thing I have ever done.

    Having twins is the hardest, craziest….most wonderful thing I have ever done, Everyone needs to have a set!!!

    Surviving my childhood, Not blaming it, but learning from it.

    Wanting more kids

    having 3 teens and 3 under 6

    having 3 teens, did I say that, lol.

    My big ol 110 year old serious fixer upper, that drives me crazy and I love it!!!

    • I have two teens and a five-year-old. I think adding three more would make me gray prematurely. However, I always say it’s the first that’s the doozy, after that adding another isn’t so bad.

  2. Dear Shaunta,

    First of all, congratulations on your wonderful new blog! You are an incredible writer, and an inspiration.

    What’s juicy in my life? Here are a few: my new (first attempt!) blog; my passion for all things vintage; my best friends in the world – my five sisters and two brothers.

    By the way, I love “The Plan.” It’s a great idea, and I actually had a similar idea in mind when I started my blog. I planned to focus on different “hats”/passions/goals each month. I meant to get started on May 1, but I keep procrastinating.

    Don’t give up on your own Plan. I’d love to hear how things are going. As I said, you are an inspiration.


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