You’re Okay, I’m Okay. No, Really.

It’s okay to feel comfortable in your skin.

No, really. It is okay.

Even if you are fat.

Even if you are slow.

Even if your mother gives you a disapproving look every time you lift a fork to your mouth.

Even if you are afraid that no one will ever love you if you don’t look like the women in the magazines.

Even if some real brave jackass calls you a fat ass from a moving car.

Even if a whole murder of media mavens insist that there is something wrong with your body.

There are very few universals in the world. Oh, sure, we talk about rights, but we all know that they don’t apply to everyone. Not everyone in the world gets to have enough food to keep from starving or to marry the person that they love or to live free of fear, even though many people consider these things rights.

But one thing that is universal is that it is okay to feel comfortable in your own skin.

You are under no obligation to hate your body for not being what someone else thinks it should be.

You are also under no obligation to love your body.

But you can. If you want to, you can. And it’s okay. If you need permission, I officially offer it. Go ahead and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Refuse to apologize for your so-called imperfections. Just try that on for size and see how it feels.

Or, eat when you’re hungry. Don’t try to analyze why you’re hungry. Don’t wonder if it’s nerves or stress or PMS. Just eat when you’re hungry, without apology. Give yourself permission (or take mine, if you aren’t there yet) to eat without feeling uncomfortable. How does it feel?

Here’s one I struggle with: Get dressed up today in something that draws attention to you, if you’re used to dressing for anonymity. Wear fishnets under your dress. Wear a dress. Or don’t wear a dress for once. Wear a swimsuit in public. Or, maybe try dressing for physical comfort or your own sense of style or in a way that matches how you feel on the inside if you’re stuck in the trap of believing that you owe the world as much conventional beauty as you can give it. You are no one’s viewing pleasure, unless you want to be.

It’s okay to be your own damn viewing pleasure.

It is okay to appreciate all of the wonderful things your body can do. And it can do wonderful things. Yes, even yours.

It is okay to disagree with the notion that being fat is a grave moral imperfection that will surely lead to your death at some point, and in the mean time may cause the downfall of society as we know it.

It’s okay to refuse to hurt yourself to conform. It’s okay to feel empowered by refusing to hate your body. It’s okay to be revolutionary.

* * *

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