Defiant Athlete: Week 9

This has been quite a week on the defiant athlete front between getting sugar drunk and having unicorns tap dancing on my brain.

I loved my “I love my bum campaign” picture so much, I made it my header. And yes, I love it. Have you sent Dr. Samantha a picture of your butt lately? This picture is especially special to me, because I got upset with Kevin when he took it. I made a big deal of showing him how to take a bowling picture from the side so that there wasn’t just a collection of booty shots. I made a big deal, because I didn’t like seeing my butt. That was about a month ago. And now I can’t stop looking at it and thinking–you know, I have a great ass. It’s even heart-shaped. I heart my ass. For the past week someone has found my blog nearly daily by searching “super ass.” I think they heart my ass, too. This header’s for you, super ass searcher.

I started keeping a food log this week. There are several reasons behind it. One is that, despite being gluten-free for almost 3 months, I’m still feeling a little off sometimes. The fatigue and brain fog are gone. My hair has stopped falling out and my periods are more normal. But I still have some stomach issues of the rumbley kind. So I wanted to see what might be triggering it. I am very, very sad to say that I’m pretty sure it’s dairy. I’ll write about this more later. I still need to do a little more research and data collecting.

Another reason is that I feel like it’s helping me to learn to eat based on my hunger and not the clock or out of emotion (when I’m not hungry.) All I’m recording is the time, what I ate (without measurements or anything), my hunger level and any notes about physical or emotional condition. Again, I’ll write more on that this week. I do think it’s helping though.

Here’s this weeks training ten list:

1. I had personal best times for a treadmill mile and a 5K this week. (Just under 20 minutes and 66 minutes respectively.) Very exciting!

2. I had some real evidence that I’m getting stronger when I tried the same gym yoga/pilates video that I did the first week, and was able to do it. And really do it, not just slog through. Even the core stuff.

3. I added a third repetition to my arm strength training, and also think I need to move up to a 12 pound weight soon.

4. My legs still hurt when I go too fast for too long, but it’s getting better. I walked for 20 minutes at 3 mph yesterday.

5. I also did 15 minutes on the elliptical–with the last minute as fast as I could go–which is five times as long as I could go the first time I tried.

6. I stopped counting grocery shopping as zone one–because it isn’t anymore. But as a result, I have realized that 800 training points per week is something I have to train up to.

7. It is my next goal.

8. I am excited to explore the idea of writing a defiant athlete/HAES curriculum for my senior project.

9. I started a defiant athlete Facebook page.

10. I decided to move my training schedule so that it ends on Friday instead of Thursday.



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9 responses to “Defiant Athlete: Week 9

  1. Alexa

    I am curious about the gluten issue. If you don’t mind my asking, did you develop the gluten intolerance sometime in the last few years or did you always have it?

    • I don’t mind at all.

      I think I’ve always had it. I have always had stomach issues, for instance stomach ulcers as young as ten. Just a sensitive stomach. And other issues. My hair started thinning when I was in my early 20s. I’ve always had a two-day pre-period flu, since I was 15. Those are all things that were remedied when I finally gave up gluten. My symptoms got considerably worse with each of my three pregnancies. My hair started thinning after I had my first baby. After my second, I had severe stomach trouble. I couldn’t get a doctor to take it seriously, so I eventually self-diagnosed IBS and stopped drinking milk, and the pain went away. After my third, 11 years later, my body just totally rebelled. I was exhausted, I had a constant belly ache, I was an emotional wreck. I went to the doctor (this was about 2 years ago) when Ruby was 3 or 4 and she ran some tests that showed that almost all of my vitamins were deficient. (Especially Iron and D.) Around that time I tried going off gluten and the difference was fast and really obvious. I was so tired that I’d have to pull over and take a nap on the side of the road if I had to drive for more than 20 minutes or so. I’d sleep 12 hours and wake up exhausted and on the verge of tears. It only took about a week to feel human again. I’m pretty sure that I’ve always had a gluten intolerance (and looking back, I’m pretty sure my mother did, too) and that the trauma of being pregnant caused it to worsen. It’s interesting to me that with my first baby, when I was 20 and very fit, I bounced back quickly. Having two in 16 months caused some pretty serious blowback for my body. Having one in my mid-thirties was more than my poor body could handle.

      • Alexa

        I would theorize that the inability to properly absorb nutrients was the major reason that the worsening of symptoms was so linked to pregnancy, since pregnancy requires a lot more nutrients. And then your body must have been more depleted with each pregnancy so the symptoms lasted longer and longer afterward.
        Of course I don’t have any science degrees, so… but it does seem to make sense from what I know of the effects of gluten intolerance on the body.
        Best of luck to you with figuring out what you can eat that doesn’t make you ill, and of course with your training as well. This blog has been very interesting to read so far.

      • Thank you so much. And I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.

  2. blessed

    I noiced the new header yesterday and meant to tell you it ROCKS!

  3. Jan

    Shaunta I love ya bum too! lol That is some cute toosh. 🙂
    And this post is interesting to me too as I am sure I have IBS, slef diagnosed of course. I am starting to trial eliminating foods from my diet. White bread is a killer for me, or anything made with white flours.
    Also I am severely depleted in Vit D, hardly measurable the dr told me so I now take Vit D tablets 3000mg daily and slowly the level is rising.
    I am yet to sit in the sun for any length of time as I have problems going outside (I have become agrophobic) 😦
    I have subscribed to your posts, so now I wont miss anything.

    • Have you tried going gluten free, Jan? It sucks at first, because it seems like everything in the world has gluten in it. But if gluten doesn’t agree with you, the results are fast. With in a week you’d know.

  4. nsv

    I gave up dairy a few weeks ago as a result of a serious allergy that showed up on blood tests. It hasn’t been hard to give up, but I’m also not feeling any better at all. How long do people generally wait to feel better in this situation?

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