Sometimes The Gym is Awesome

A couple of interesting things happened at the gym today.

1) I tried the same “beginners pilates” workout that I barely got through the breathing part of the first week of my training. That week, the video’s trainer asked me to sit straight up from laying on my back like “peeling a banana.” Right. I almost cried at the thought of it. Today? Today I did TEN of those peeling banana things. Ten. And it wasn’t even that hard. And that was after I walked 20 full minutes at 3.0 mph! I honestly wanted to skip around that damn gym singing, “I’m a defiant athlete, I’m a defiant athlete . . . tra lalalala!”

2) As I was getting ready to leave an employee of the gym (the lady who cleans it) was making her way through the few people who were there working out and asked them what kind of results they were getting–you know, had they lost any weight. (That’s how she put it.) I stood there for a few minutes watching her because I couldn’t figure out why she was doing that. Did she know these people? (Totally possible in my tiny town.) Was she taking a survey? (I don’t think so.) Anyway, the man she asked while I was standing there said that he hadn’t–but that he had gotten stronger and could lift more. I don’t know the guy, but I want to give him a shout out anyway. You go, you rad fattie defiant athlete man! You made my day.

3) I spent my time while I was working out thinking about a woman named Jan who commented on my guest post at Discourse, and how grateful I am that she has the Fatosphere and the Fat Acceptance community to collectively virtually hold her hand as she goes through some tough times.  And how incredibly grateful I am that I have this space and all of you and the spaces where you share yourself. My soul is filled up with the wonder of it today and I’m shooting it like Kati Perry’s fireworks to Jan in Australia tonight.

Since this is kind of a random post, I’ll just take this opportunity to remind you that there is a Defiant Athlete Facebook page that I would be so very happy if you would join.

One last thing, I’ve decided to move my weekly training updates to Saturday, so watch for that tomorrow.



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8 responses to “Sometimes The Gym is Awesome

  1. Shane R. Toogood

    Congrats, Shaunta! I have no clue what those peeling banana things are, but I’m so happy for you. Keep up the good work! (P.S. I miss the shit outta you!)

    • I miss you and your wine, too. But you better do yoga again next semester before you leave because I’m SOOO going to be ready.

      • Shane R. Toogood

        Haha, Jeanette (who just gave her presentation) and I were talking about my recent hiatus from yoga last night at dinner. However, now that the new semester has begun, I will be doing it more regularly again. And yes, Shiraz and I are still close, so I’ll have a big glass for you before your reading 🙂

  2. Jan

    Hey thanks for that kind, positive thought. I feel blessed to know that other, people that I have never met, think I am worth the effort. Crikey, it is helping me on my way you know.

    Keep up the awesome work your doing, 10 bananas is a great achievment. 🙂

    • You are worth the effort Jan. Also, I love your blog and wish I was dexterous enough to make my very own chookie runner.

      • Jan

        Thanks Shaunta

        I am glad you visited my blog, and thanks fot the chooky runner compliment 🙂
        I intend to talk more about my experiences as a large lady living in my community.

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