Rad Fatties Project: Episode Three

It’s all in the face.

* * *

Kati at Multnomah Falls

(I had to include my good friend Kati’s story–because it’s so rad.)

I was in yoga doing some stretching (one leg bent, one leg straight.. bend over straight leg) and i wasn’t getting enough of a stretch because my belly was in the way.

So i moved it.

I wouldn’t have done that before. I would have worried about someone seeing me have to shove my fat out of the way and felt bad.

But, I didn’t! I wanted to stretch further. So i made it so that I could. And I didn’t care what anyone thought. It dawned on me on my way home, I am right where I want to be, doing just what I want to do.

And the only one who can get in my way is me. So, I’m getting out of my own way.

* * *

The Rad Fatties Project is a body-positive silent self-portrait celebration of what is fine and wonderful about the wide diversity of human bodies.

Conversation is encouraged, but this is a judgment-free zone, even against yourself. Don’t apologize or explain away your supposed defects. They are beautiful here.

If you’d like to participate, post a titled self-portrait or series of self-portraits on your blog . Post the link in the comments and direct your viewers back to this post  so that they can see all of the other rad fatties. If you don’t have a blog, but would like to participate, email your picture to shauntagrimes@gmail.com.

You can support the Rad Fatties Project by getting the word out. Thank you!

* * *

Come join the conversation on Facebook.



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3 responses to “Rad Fatties Project: Episode Three

  1. http://mamacarriemakes.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/rad-fattie-project-episode-3/
    I posted this pic because I didn’t like it.
    I love your pics today! Fattie in flight!

  2. Oh I love these pictures so much! Jumping fats? Yes, please!!! I may have to take some of my own over the weekend. Thank you for sharing, for doing this fun project and for inspiring us all! ❤

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