Dancing With Unicorns

The triple-whammy of all of my classmates starting school today without me, talking to that lady about her health program yesterday and being over-tired enough to have reached that point where ideas sometimes seem more brilliant than they are has my wheels spinning.

When I start my senior year at Goddard in October, I’m going to need a senior study project. I fully intend on taking advantage of the six months I’m taking off to make sure I go to Vermont with a solid plan. Because dear senior study project, you are scary.

So…so I’m thinking. What if I write a curriculum? A body-positive, health at every size, defiant athlete curriculum?

Something that could be turned into a way of teaching lots of people on line, smaller groups of people at YMCAs and community colleges everywhere. Maybe that could even be turned into an alternative to the scary programs being taught in schools now.

Something a group of friends could do together if they wanted.

A love your body to wellness curriculum.

A hey, kid, you aren’t responsible for the recession curriculum.

An all food has nutritional value and you can be an athlete if you wanna be curriculum.

I mean, if I left that talk with that woman with my head spinning full of ideas–why can’t I use them myself?

I have the unique background of having come within a year of both a degree in education and a degree in social work. I’ve worked as a teacher and a social worker/counselor. I have advocacy training that would come in handy. And I’m a writer.

I could do this, right? It isn’t just the unicorns that come alive in my head when I’m overtired tap dancing on my brain?

I think I could. And I think it could be exciting. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to talk on the phone with the woman who will (pray God) be my adviser during my final semester. I’m going to run this by her. I think I can make it work. In fact, I’m sure I can.

Yes, I am. Comments that A) give me your thoughts and B) let me know I’m not crazy will make my whole day.



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21 responses to “Dancing With Unicorns

  1. Well I’m totally new (and randomly stumbling on) to your blog, but if you’re passionate about writing a new health curriculum, have the know-how, and think you’re up to the challenge then go for it. Nothing about that makes you insane.

    In fact, I applaud you for it and hope it all works out.

    Because I think health in schools, PE, and just about anything else in that area could stand to be improved.

    • Welcome Elisa πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re here. Also, I love the name of your blog. And I agree, they could. Bad PE experiences are one of the main reasons people give up on being athletic in the first place.

      • I can attest to that one! I hate PE, though not so much athletics in general. I just struggle with it. I grew up in a very sports-oriented family. All of us girls played volleyball, so it was fun. School just made PE a living nightmare.

        And thanks for the welcome. =)

  2. Emerald

    A) You sound eminently qualified to do it, and it would be awesome.

    B) And as a button I have in my office says: Unicorns are real, dammit.

  3. A) By “Walking the walk”, so to speak, you have shown that you are qualified to develope the course! You are doing the necessary research, daily.

    B) I think it’s a sound idea.

  4. Pam

    Wonderful idea! From my experience as a professor, this is the best kind of project.

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  6. I love it. And you have such a great pool of resources to draw from, too.

  7. If you don’t do it, I’m going to come smack you upside the head with a moldy mackerel.

    How’s that for motivation? ; )

  8. RachelB

    Adding a hearty “yes, please!”

  9. Chutti

    I LOVE this idea. I’m not into doing a lot of things in groups, most especially sports or athletics, so I’m putting in a plug for an individual version as well.

    I’ve worked in educational publishing for 15+ years and have moved towards delivering content through technology the last 4-5 yrs. I’ve just started a new sales gig, so won’t be looking to pursue my hands-on Master’s in Ed Tech till 2012, otherwise I might be interested in supporting the tech side of your project as a student project. But I might be able to give you some industry insight and business strategies when you are ready. I’m also working on developing some web based delivery for some Young Adult literature my hubby is working on, so can suggest some resources for structure and good groups.

    Email me if you want to chat offline. Good luck with this project- I definitely think you are on to something!

    • Thank you so much Chutti. I’ll be in touch. My idea is a book-form curriculum that could be used individually or in a group, and maybe reformatted for kids as well.

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