Super Rad Fattie Kicks Some Ass

Did anyone else see Fantasia on American Idol tonight and think that she was the raddest rad fattie with her sparkly dress taking up her space like she had all the right in the world?

I’m sure there will be some kind of nasty commentary tomorrow or later tonight about the size of her ass or something.You know, the kind of awesome journalism where the girl blows the roof off the place, and they write about how she compares to her 19-year-old self. Yeah that kind. (Sadly, it’s already started.)

But she is amazing. And gorgeous. And amazing.



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7 responses to “Super Rad Fattie Kicks Some Ass

  1. dominique

    Doesn’t she remind you a little bit of Erykah Badu? They both have a marvelous, smokey voice and a very unique style. 🙂 She’s wonderful and she owns.

  2. blessed

    I didn’t watch AI the season she won (she did win, right?) but I remember her rendition of “Summertime,” which was amazing. So I only have vague memories of her being thinner–but I never would have imagined her as thinner after seeing that video you linked. She looks amazing, and just right. Would she honestly be considered fat? (other than by the rude viewers who consider any normal bottom too big on a celebrity) I really don’t understand that one–she looks so good.

  3. dude, she is pure Jessica Rabbit. she may be classified as “fat” according to the music industry, but I wouldn’t consider her so.

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