Spinach Shirred Eggs

Another egg recipe.

I do believe this exhausts all the fancy ways I know to cook eggs. This being the fanciest.

Shirred eggs is a fancy-pants way of saying baked eggs in cream. These are rich and delicious and way easier to make than they look.

The cream in the bottom of the cup makes the whites turn to velvet and taste as good as the yolk, or even better. No, really. Scrumptious.

The best thing about this recipe is that its totally adaptable. I’ve seen shirred eggs made with bacon or ham in the bottom of the cup. You could use a different veggie. You can also change up the kind of cheese you use.  A larger cup lets you cook two eggs at once for less clean up later.

Also, if you put these eggs in the oven and forget about them until you can smell them cooking 40 minutes later, they still taste great. They’ll have a hard yolk (as you can see in the picture), but we like them that way. Twenty minutes gives you a hard yolk, too. The only difference I saw with letting the eggs over cook was that the cheese was crunchy, instead of gooey.

Spinach Shirred Eggs


Fresh spinach



Salt, pepper, dried parsley

Canned chopped tomatoes, drained (I like the garlic and olive oil type)

Shredded cheese

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Start by buttering one small oven-proof cup per egg. An alternative that I’ve used with success is a muffin tin. Either way, butter up the bottom and sides. Set the cups in a 9X13 pan.

Chop some fresh spinach and put a tablespoon or so in the bottom of each cup, followed by about a tablespoon of cream. The cream is important. I don’t think milk would work as well. I bet, though, that full-fat plain yogurt would. Or even sour cream.

Crack an egg into each cup. Season the egg with salt, pepper and dried parsley. Mix up the spices if you want.

Drain a can of chopped tomatoes really well. Add a tablespoon or so to the top of each egg. Then top each egg with shredded or crumbled cheese. I used cheddar. Feta is good, too. Any kind you have on hand, really.

Fill the pan up with hot water to about 1/3 of the way up the sides of the cups. This keeps the eggs from burning during cooking. (Even when you over cook them by a LOT.)

Bake for 15 minutes for soft yolks or 20 minutes for set yolks.

Or 40 minutes if you want crunchy cheese.

Use a spoon or a rubber spatula to scoop each egg out of its cup. Enjoy!

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16 responses to “Spinach Shirred Eggs

  1. schmemily

    Ooh, I am totally going to make this. I tried poached eggs in tomato sauce (actually, I accidentally bought enchilada sauce) and it was delicious, so you have serious egg cred with me. I am also sort of obsessed with cooking eggs in different ways.

    • OMG . . . egg cred. I can die happy now! These eggs are really, really good. And super forgiving for something so fancy looking. The fat in the bottom (cream) is really important. Let me know how they turn out for you.

    • Also, I have made poached eggs in both red and green enchilada sauce. Serious yumminess.

  2. Oh, yum! Sounds delish and super easy.

  3. Patsy Nevins

    This looks amazing, I have to try it, though minus spinach for my family.

  4. I had some rapidly wilting spinach in the fridge, so I whipped up a batch tonight using Parmesan. I think I may have used a touch too much cream, and I could have left it in the oven a little less, but it was delicious all the same. I ate it with some leftover roasted potatoes and a cucumber salad. Have you ever refrigerated leftovers to nuke in the morning?

  5. Emily

    Ooh…looks tasty and adorable! And I love eggs! Thanks, will have to try this 🙂

  6. I foudn your blog from fightback friday! I love baked eggs too! Just posted one on an egg baked over a roasted sweet potato with chilli lime and coriander butter melted over, yum yum! That sounds like an fantastic idea to get the whites just as creamy and tasty as the yolk!

  7. Im actually drooooolllling! Rachel Ray just did something like this just a few days ago, and I’d been meaning to look it up! I might have to make this STAT!

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