Defiant Athlete: Week 7

This has been a good week for me. (I’m finding that hard to say, in light of the colossally not-good (turns out there is not an adequate variation on the word ‘bad’) week so many millions of people had.)

A couple of really exciting things got rolling. I started the Rad Fatties Project. I started a page up above which has an explanation for the project, and an invitation to join it.

I also started a new story. It’s a YA thriller, sort of a Bourne Identity-type story with a fat, athletic teenage girl protagonist. I usually feel at a total loss when I don’t have a current fiction writing project going. At first, I finish one manuscript, and it gets rejected some, and then I think: that’s it, I’m done. Who needs this shit? And then I get restless, and I start to think: Oh, God, what if I have no more ideas? And then I get an idea, and the cycle starts again.

I didn’t train as much as I wanted to. Or, as much as I set out to last Friday. I was tired. The sleepy kind of tired where, by afternoon, staying awake sometimes feels like a giant effort. I wonder if maybe my body just needed a down week? I’m not sure.  I know that I haven’t been getting enough sleep, which . . . yeah, it leads to staying awake being a giant effort. I think I need a bed time this week.

Here’s this week’s ten list:

1. I walked a 5K! I don’t believe I’ve walked 3.2 miles all at once in — I don’t even know how long. A decade? Longer? And not only that . . .

2. I walked a 5K at an average of 2.9 mph. With no shin splint pain. I used hills the first 20 minutes, but turned them off when my calves started to tighten up.  When I still had no pain after 45 minutes, I decided to push it, to see how close to a 5K I could get in an hour. I jogged for two of the last 15 minutes, walked at 3.5 mph for maybe half of it, and 3.2 mph the rest. I got to 2.9 miles in the hour and finished the last three tenths during my cool down. I was sweating and grinning and people were looking, but I didn’t care.

3. I went 1.25 miles during my outdoor walk this week. That one hurt. The good news is that it didn’t hurt until about halfway through. Which means, slowly but surely, I’m getting stronger. A couple of weeks ago I went half a mile and  literally limped home wishing I’d brought my phone so Kevin could come get me.

4. I realized that part of why walking outside is so much harder is because our roads are not flat. They’re curved, for snow melt run off. So when I walk in one direction, my right calf and left hip hurt. On the way home my left calf and right hip hurt. I think it’s a result of walking on an angled road. Also, I walked faster than I do on the treadmill, 3.0 mph, and uphill most of the way.

5. If I walk down the middle of my very quiet street until I get to the highway (which is not quiet), there is a chance that a nice old man in an equally old pick-up truck will have to come up very close behind me while I’m singing Boy George out loud and wait for me to notice, then laugh and wave as he passes me once I scramble out of the way.

6. I now have a copy of Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies by Meera Patricia Kerr. Review is forthcoming.

7. King Arthur Flour sent me a giant box of their gluten-free mixes. I’ll review them one at a time, but not all at once, I promise! Also, Ruby picked a random winner from the entrants to my cracker contest, and the winner is Katherine.

8. Adopting HAES has made cooking so much more fun. I am also finding, though, that too much sugar makes me feel not great. I still struggle some with making that translate into not eating enough of it to make me sick–with not feeling like I need to over-indulge in forbidden foods–but it is getting easier.

9. I have not weighed myself for an entire week.

1o. I am formulating my plot to turn Defiant Athlete into an academic study. It’s pretty damned exciting.



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6 responses to “Defiant Athlete: Week 7

  1. Carol Gwenn

    Am amazed by your dedication to training, etc. KEEP AT IT!

    About the getting tired: yup, it’s your body talking as it adjusts to different levels of activity & also to changing weather & differences in diet. You’re fairly young, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, maybe a month, for your body to complete the adjustment.
    I went through the same thing a few years back when I began walking nearly 2 miles a day; in late afternoon I’d find my eyes at half-mast & my brain drifting off into the ether. I found that a small, high-protein snack (cheese, yoghurt, tuna) would bring me back, and that I eventually slept better at night because of the increased exercise & changes in eating habits.

    Am waiting to hear about you running a marathon some day.

  2. Shaunta you inspired me in to admitting I am athlete so thanks 🙂

  3. Casey

    One treadmill to outdoor walking trick I learned was that the zero incline on a treadmill is actually slightly downhill. If you set it to approximately 1, it’ll translate better to outdoor walking 🙂

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