Rad Fatties Project: Episode One

Reclaiming the constitutional.

* * *

The Rad Fatties Project is a body-positive silent self-portrait celebration of what is fine and wonderful about the wide diversity of human bodies.

Conversation is encouraged, but this is a judgment-free zone!

If you’d like to participate, post a titled self-portrait or series of self-portraits on your blog . Link to your blog here, and direct your viewers back to this post  so that they can see all of the other rad fatties. If you don’t have a blog, but would like to participate, email your picture to shauntagrimes@gmail.com.

(Two things: I posted this early so that anyone who wants to participate in episode one has the chance. Next week, the post will go up on Friday. And I’ve never used a Mr. Linky before. Please post a comment if you’ve linked, so that I can make sure it’s working right. Thanks!)



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11 responses to “Rad Fatties Project: Episode One

  1. blessed

    I am not sharing a pic, because I know I am not quite what you have in mind for your defiant athelete, but I wanted to let you know your pics inspired me and AS SOON AS I saw them I wanted to walk, realized it was actually a good opportunity, and went out and did it!

    : )

    • That’s awesome! Thank you for telling me. Also–I’d love if you shared a picture. You can be a defiant athlete, too.

      • blessed

        Thanks, Shaunta! I’ll still decline to post pics, though, because while you and I both realize that everything you have been writing applies to women of all sizes–the moving because it feels good and not because it is good for me has revived my interest in walking, which I love but have not been doing because, well, sitting begets sitting–I would not at ALL want to be offensive or discouraging or triggering to the true Rad Fatties, whom I admire greatly. : )

        About that walk–two funny things:
        1) the moment I realized my thighs were jiggling at my fast pace but my post-nursing miniscule breasts were not

        2) the moment I started to feel defiantly athletic and lifted my head from the jiggles to stride with confidence–only to catch my left foot and almost completely fall on my face. It was one of those enormously flailing almost head-dives–and of course right when a car was coming right next to me.

        ah, such is life!

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