Rad Fatties Project

I’m feeling very motivated to do some sort of a photographic project. I’m not sure where I want it to go, except that I’m pretty sure it won’t be an OOTD. There are so many people who are doing that, and doing it really well.

I don’t know.

I’m considering calling it the Rad Fatties Project, though, whatever it might turn out to be. (Thanks to Mama Carrie in the comments for the name inspiration.)

I’m motivated by this photographer. Jen Davis has a stunning, mind-blowing self-portrait set. If you haven’t seen it, please, please go check it out. It’s time well spent.

I went outside today and took some self-portrait-y pictures.

Maybe I’ll start a self-portrait project. But, I’m wary of it turning into either an excuse to pick myself apart, or a sneaky substitute for weighing myself.

Maybe I’ll just put up a silent self-portrait. Rad Fatties Friday? The silence means you can’t apologize or give an excuse for what you find wrong in your own photograph. Because I can sit here and tell you that I scrunch my shoulders inward to make myself smaller, or that I have a double chin–but those things are obvious and maybe best left unsaid.

Yes, I think silence, except a title. The title for these three pictures would be: This is what 340 looks like.

Also, I think this project would be a good addition to my Defiant Athlete academic study.

So, I’ve talked myself into it. Rad Fatties Friday. One silent self-portrait or a series–every Friday. Maybe a picture of you in your life. Or an OOTD. Whatever. Post it on your blog. I’ll see if I can figure out how to do a Linkie thing by then. Who’s in?

(If you don’t have a blog and want to participate, you could send your picture to me to post here.)



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11 responses to “Rad Fatties Project

  1. I am also attracted to this idea. The disconnectedness thing, photos of myself, and embracing my femininity are all major themes in the daytime talk show that is my brain. I might be in … I do have a Tumblr.

  2. P.S. I do the shoulder shrug thing, too, and also: you are beautiful.

  3. OK I’m totally in. You knew the name would get me!
    I really like the idea of ‘silent’ posting. No quantifying, no excuse making. Just a pic.
    See you Friday…

  4. Carol Gwenn

    Who is this mythical “fattie” you keep talking about? The pictures above show a pretty lady with a buxom figure and AMAZING hair. It’s easy to see the athleticism thing working for her. Too bad that from the way you talk about yourself I’d somehow pictured a really enormous woman & you’re not even close. PLEASE take a really GOOD look at these pix & you’ll see how fabulous you are!

  5. I have a hard time unpacking my reaction when someone says, ‘But you’re not fat!’ I feel fat, and I’m trying to be OK with that. Fat is (mostly) not a negative thing for me, it’s just a descriptive phrase of a part of my appearance. So when someone denies what we both know to be a fact, it dismisses my work to accept this part of myself and also persists in implying that it’s a bad thing.

    • I have the same reaction, too, Carrie. Or I think–denying that I’m fat when I clearly am is saying that there is something so wrong with being fat that they have to deny it. But then I remember that most people aren’t where we are. I don’t think most people are able to look at fat objectively. At all. Even a little bit. Fat=bad is so deeply ingrained that I think when someone says, “you aren’t fat” to me, maybe its in the same way as I would say “you’re not stupid” to someone who was saying that they were in a moment of self-flagellation.

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