Bowling is the New Wednesday

Kevin, Nick, Ruby and I went bowling after school today.

So fun!

Also 90 minutes in zone 2. You wouldn’t think so, but bowling makes you sweat!

This is how we’re going to spend Wednesday afternoons from now on:


Also, bowling pics will be great for if I ever fall in love with my butt and feel the need to write an ode to it.

What is your favorite fun and athletic pursuit?




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4 responses to “Bowling is the New Wednesday

  1. Dee

    I like new agey dance stuff, for example NIA, Five Rhythms, and tribal bellydance. Now, you’re probably thinking “Yeah, just another sweet, nerdy fat lady who wears crystals with her flowy rayon dresses and likes to read fantasy romance novels.” (nothing against that, BTW). But no. Actually, I’m a non-skirt wearing, hard scifi reading engineer with a snotty attitude toward anything that reeks of woo*. Unless it’s dancey. Then I suppress my natural skepticism and start flailing around around like an idiot. What can I say? It’s yet another thing I’ve had to accept about myself.

  2. schmemily

    We live two blocks away from my all-time favorite dive bar. It has a satellite jukebox (which just replaced the old ’45 player), so slip in a little cash and it’s a dance party.

  3. Get your own shoes on eBay! They will pay for themselves super fast! I got hot pink and black ones and they paid for themselves after two uses. Love them! Rock on with your inner Lebowski! ❤

    • OMG…this is exactly what I told Kevin. Amazon has some really cute ones. Our bowling alley charges $2 for rental, so it wouldn’t take many weeks to pay for them.

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