I Want to Ride a Bicycle

This one:

Available at this amazing shop. (Please visit it if you have the time and any interest at all in bicycles. If you sign up for the email list, you get a really informative report about what you need to look for if you want a bike and weigh more than 200 pounds.)

I even want the awesome basket.

This bike is designed for larger bodies. It’s awesome. It’s available in yellow.

The website has one designed for even larger bodies which is just–what’s more than awesome?

I could fly on this bike. The wind would be in my hair, even if I can’t run yet. Also, I can’t be a triathlete without one.

There was a time when my bike equaled unparalleled freedom.

Yeah, I need to start saving my pennies. Pronto.



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6 responses to “I Want to Ride a Bicycle

  1. I have a bike sitting in my parents’ garage (for which I purchased a gigantic, fluffy seat to replace the g-string-like one it had initially.) I want to ride it so badly. However, my knee surgery protocol dictates that I ride only on even, level surfaces, and since I live in the foothills of the mountains, “even” and “level” are nowhere to be found here. I still have at least 3 months before I am allowed to ride around here, but I am oh-so-excited!

  2. I think you’ve got great taste in bikes. I noticed the fenders, necessary to avoid excessive splatters on your clothes. And the nice seat (I prefer wide, comfortable seats.) And that awesome basket!
    Good choice!

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  4. This bike is sweet looking! I just recently gave mine a tune up and washed her- I cant wait to go on rides more often! Its good to see that companies are building bikes to withstand more weight.

  5. We just moved into the downtown of our town and everyone rides bikes.. I soooo want something like this!! So cute!!

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