Fathlete Sightings

I spent some time on Google today trying to find other people who are writing about being fat athletes without focusing on weight loss.

The latest post on many of the blogs I found was often a two or three year old weight loss update.

Many of the people I found talking about being a fat athlete were also talking about being in Weight Watchers or some other weight loss plan, and writing about losing weight along with athleticism.

When I googled “HAES Athlete” I got mostly my own blog.

I know that there are people talking about this. A few have commented on my blog posts.

Will you comment on this one, too? I’d love to start a list of links. If you blog about being a fat athlete, know someone who does or just have a good resource for fathletes–I’d really, really love to know about it.




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17 responses to “Fathlete Sightings

  1. I am by no means an awesome writer, but I did write a post in my blog (with pictures of course!) about my experience as a fat athlete.


    • Awesome! Thank you 🙂 You are totally adorable. I was a swim team girl, too. And soccer as well (that other photo is soccer, right?)

      • Yea swim team kids! The last photo was actually from my track team. I did have any awesome action photo of my fat self playing soccer, but I didnt get it scanned when I did the rest…

  2. Id like to see some more info on sports that don’t typically include fat people or fat women.
    I’m fairly large and I like to skateboard. Not anything really fancy, I just think it’s fun, and a decent way to exercise and get around. But it is hard to ignore the fact that you are breaking some social rules by being fat and doing such things.
    But it would be neat to hear from, say, fat women surfers, hikers, whatever.

  3. Fat Girl on a Bike used to be a great blog about Sarah, a triathelete over 300 lbs. It was updated regularly back when I joined the Fatosphere in 2007.

    However, the blog has been since deleted, which I find very sad. Here is a post on BFB about her, though: http://www.bigfatblog.com/fat-girl-bike

  4. smileonmyface

    Also check out the LiveJournal community fathletes.

  5. Squeegeelicious

    I don’t currently have a blog to record my progress, but I just want to make a shout out to you on how inspirational you have been to me in the short time you have been blogging. Even if you were the only one, what you are doing is worth it and I hope you will continue sharing your incites with us in the future.

  6. Check out Dances With Fat. Many folks wouldn’t think of a dancer as an athlete, but dance very definitely fits the HAES idea of “movement you enjoy”.


  7. I know one!

    I do some running, too, but haven’t blogged about it. Also some yoga, and I even did a 5k cross-country skiing race this year, despite having only restarted cross-country skiing a couple weeks before the race. (I came in last. Mostly because I fell down a lot.)

    • I’m moving to the Lake Tahoe area this summer–and will be right in the center of some of the best winter sports in the country. I want to learn to ski or cross-country ski or SOMETHING. Even if I come in last. Even if I fall down a lot. You rock!

  8. I’m a former fathlete trying to figure out how to be a disabled fathlete 🙂 And…your post is well timed as I’m working on my masters thesis proposal about fat athletes…so I might hit you up for an interview depending on how much my committee chair decides to butcher my project 😀

    • I would love to talk to you, whatever your committee chair decides to do. I’m writing about this for my BFA senior study project, so I might get in touch with you, too!

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