Stronger and Still Fat

I trained longer today than I have in years.

My triathlon resources all talk about doing a long training once a week. Training for distance. Because even a sprint triathlon–let’s just say it isn’t going to be a sprint for me.

In fact, whatever athletic goals I have, they’re going to require me to be able to have far more stamina than I do now.

On January 28 the treadmill wouldn’t let me do hills. At all. Not even at 1.5 mph, which is barely walking at all. I tried to start at 3.0 mph on hills and lasted less than 2 minutes. My heart rate went into high zone 4 and I just couldn’t maintain it, even after I slowed down.

Today I was able to walk for an hour at 2.5 mph on the hill setting.Β  My heart rate not only stayed in zone 3 when I wanted it to, I was able to increase to zone 4 for ten minutes without much trouble. I went up to 3.0 mph for five minutes and could have stayed there much longer, but I would have been upset if my shin splint kicked in.

The moral? I’m stronger than I was.

I can carry Ruby, who is 4’2″ and 70 pounds, to bed at a dead weight. I couldn’t do that five weeks ago.

I can do 20 full squats.

I can do 50 wall push ups.

My core supports me better, which means I can make dinner and do this dishes without lower back pain.

I am stronger. How awesome is that?

I think my bicep might be the next little bit of me I fall in love with.





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4 responses to “Stronger and Still Fat

  1. Dee

    Yay you!! I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the inspiring posts. You are going to kick ass on that triathlon.

  2. Jill Kelley

    That is totally awesome.

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