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FA Missionary Revisted

A week or so ago I got an email from a woman who said she represented a group that was developing some kind of online health education program. The email had the words “weight management” in it, and enough about my blog to let me know it wasn’t spam. I wrote the woman back and said that I thought she’d maybe misread my blog, because I’m definitely not interested in a weight loss program.

She wrote back and eventually it became clear that the program was in development, not something already running, and the people producing it are attempting to make it HAES-friendly but don’t know how. It was her job to do market research by talking to bloggers and mine was the one of the few she found that talked about HAES (!!!) and that her bosses liked especially that I talk about exercise. (I think what happened was, she was looking at weight loss blogs and some how came across mine in the mix. She said the self-loathing on the other blogs was spectacular, which tells me they were not part of the Fatosphere.)

I sent her some resources and she wrote again asking if we could talk on the phone.

Remember when I wrote a few days ago about about being an FA Missionary?

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Super Rad Fattie Kicks Some Ass

Did anyone else see Fantasia on American Idol tonight and think that she was the raddest rad fattie with her sparkly dress taking up her space like she had all the right in the world?

I’m sure there will be some kind of nasty commentary tomorrow or later tonight about the size of her ass or something.You know, the kind of awesome journalism where the girl blows the roof off the place, and they write about how she compares to her 19-year-old self. Yeah that kind. (Sadly, it’s already started.)

But she is amazing. And gorgeous. And amazing.


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Guest Post at Discourse

Check out my guest post at Dr. Samantha’s place. I talk about how my husband and I experience our body’s out in the wild differently. Discourse is such an awesome blog. I’m super excited to be there today.


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The One Where John Robbins Really Blows It

I found this article, written by John Robbins for Huffington Post, while doing research for my last post, and I couldn’t not write about it.

Robbins, in case you aren’t familiar with him, is the son of Mr. Robbins of Baskin Robbins fame. (He gave up his father’s fortune, then lost nearly all of his own money in the Bernie Madoff pyramid debacle.) He’s the author of Diet for a New America, which was the first book I ever read (in high school) that made me look at food as more than something good to eat. When he talks about food, people listen.


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Myth Two: Fat is Mental Illness

Dr. Pattie Thomas wrote a book called Taking Up Space: How Eating Well and Exercising Regularly Changed My Life that is just really awesome. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth investing in.

The first chapter of the book has 10 fat myths. As I read them, I had so many ideas and thoughts and things I wanted to say about each one. I contacted Dr. Thomas and she said that it would be okay for me to use her list to talk about each of the myths here. So–welcome to a 10-week Thursday series.

The second myth in her book is Fat is Mental Illness.

* * *

I’ve thought about this topic, this myth, all week and for some reason I struggled with it. It made me uncomfortable. And I finally realized the reason is because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the skill to write it in a way that didn’t sound like this:

We may be fat, but at least we aren’t mentally ill.

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Body Love Letter

Glitter Politic is hosting a body love letter project which I learned about on Not Blue At All. I think it’s a fantastic idea, but I’m a little behind the times finding out about it. Still, I enjoyed writing this.  If you’d like to submit your own body love letter, send it here:

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5 Tips for Coping When Someone You Love Gets Angry About HAES

I had a very public Facebook exchange with my brother yesterday that was slightly startling.

Why is it that people who believe that fat and health and mutually exclusive get so angry when you disagree? I mean, people who in most situations you can have a great conversation with even if you don’t see eye-to-eye, see red if you challenge them on whether or not there is an obesity epidemic.

So, how do you talk to someone you love who confronts you about your belief that you have the right to take up space without having death threats hurled at you?

How do you listen to them say that fat people eat fast food four or five times a week and never exercise with out getting defensive?

How do you stick to your guns, even when you’re hurt by the sudden onslaught of anger?

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