Imperfect Athlete Experiment: Week 4

Four weeks down–the first official month of my experiment will be up on Sunday the 27th. (Look for a month one round up on Sunday.)

We were in Las Vegas part of this week and I got to do some exercise that wasn’t gym treadmill walking. That was amazing. A cold that has been threatening for the last couple of weeks was fully realized this morning and I feel like something heavy is sitting on my chest, making it really hard to breathe. Yuck.

Here’s this week’s ten list:

1. I love rollerskating. I’m already dreaming of when I can get out there and do it again, and how I can own my own skates for the experience.

2. I took  a yoga class this week, which was lovely and very welcoming. I’ll go back to it again when I’m in Vegas.

3. It is a travesty that I don’t have access to a hot tub in Ely.

4. I miss my gym. Crazy, right? But true.

5. I’m reading a book about Dara Torres that I’m looking forward to reviewing for you. If you don’t know about this superwoman who made a spectacular Olympic swimming comeback in 2008–at age 41–take my word for it. She’s incredible. (And she knows it, but that’s for the review.)

6. I haven’t walked/jogged for 4 days and I’m hoping that was enough to rest my leg muscles. I bought a Restorative Exercise Foot Pain kit at Target on clearance that has tools and exercises for strengthening and stretching foot and calf muscles. I’m hoping it’s just what I need.

7. I also bought a swimsuit. Next time I’m in Vegas, I’m swimming laps.

8. I made big strides into eating intuitively this week and . . .

9. For the first time that I can remember, I stayed gluten free in Las Vegas.

10. I have what I think will be an amazing plus-size yoga DVD coming to review for you. I bought a yoga mat, blocks and strap while I was in Las Vegas so I’m ready!


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