When Exercise Was Fun

Remember when you were a kid and instead of having to talk yourself into 10 more minutes on the elliptical, you were begging for 10 more minutes to ride your bike or play freeze tag with your friends or please, mom, just one more time around the rink?

I had the best day today and it totally reminded me of how fun exercise should be.

I woke up early and headed to the YMCA for a gentle yoga class and a soak in the hot tub. I’ve never taken a yoga class before, so that was really fun. It was ‘gentle yoga,’ but it was enough to make me sweat and leave me feeling stretched and grateful for the hot tub.

Then, this afternoon Kevin, his mom and I took Ruby to the skating rink!

Here’s what I learned today:

1. Putting on rental skates for the first time in 15 years did not take de-age me by 15 years, and . . .

2. I can still skate, even if I’m more wobbly and easily winded than I once was.

2. My husband needs photography lessons.

3. I’m scared of falling. I don’t know why this surprises me. I’ve fallen on skates before, I guess, so I think in my head it was just something that might happen or might not, but wouldn’t be a big deal. But on skates, I’m about 6 feet tall and the ground is a long way down. I didn’t fall, but . . .

4. Ruby did. And she picked herself up every time, laughed and started skating again.

5. And my little daughter? She’s a total rock star. And she totally needed her own skates. We stopped at the Sports Authority on the way home and she picked skates that had Roller Derby printed on the strap.

She got all excited because she can wear them when we do our Roller Derby Workout and lock her wheels for the diamond.

6. She also showed off her bruises.

7. I have a long way to go before I’m strong enough to be a Roller Derby girl.

8. But I’m getting there.

9. I would skate everyday if I could, even though my legs burned and those rental skates suck really bad.

10. I feel like an athlete today.

Tomorrow I’m going to take a water fitness class (I think this is ramped up water aerobics, but I’m not totally sure.) I want to swim laps, but don’t have goggles or a cap. I might do it anyway.

And we’re going bowling!



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2 responses to “When Exercise Was Fun

  1. Oh, how I envy you, doing laps on those skates! My rollerblades are in the basement, and I haven’t been on them in almost 10 years 😦
    The roller rink near me burned down last fall. (The building also housed a gun shop….imagine the explosions from the ammo!)

    You are making exercise FUN, which is how it should be. I love your reasoning about how running, climbing, and playing was better the sweatier we got, as children. (I’ve got a jumprope around here, somewhere…..I’m sure I can find a quiet parking lot to practice….)

    • I used to love to jump rope. I could even do double dutch. I don’t live anywhere near a skating rink, either. We skated at the one I worked at as a teenager (Well, the same company, but a different location) in Las Vegas. Reno has one, so when we move we can go more often.

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