$5 MP3 Player

I have an off-brand little $25 MP3 player that has served my purposes well for the last three or four years. I mostly only use it to listen to music in the car on the long, radio-free trips to Las Vegas.

The problem is that it’s just a shuffle machine. It doesn’t let me order the songs or make play lists. And it plays songs in alphabetical order.  So, at the gym I either listen to the same ten or twelve songs or spend all my time riffling through looking for what I want to listen to.

So, I was looking at MP3 players on Amazon today, and when I clicked on the Ipod Nano I saw a little notice that if you sign up for a year at audible.com, you get a $100 gift certificate to use for a MP3 player to listen to your new audible books on.

For $14.95 a month, you get one free audible book and 30 percent off any others. If you really like audible books, I saw some that are less than $5. This is great for me because I love audible books, especially on the aforementioned long, radio-free trips to Las Vegas. Also, I’m not totally sure, but I think I’d like listening to them while I workout, too. Maybe.

So I looked through all the MP3 players available to purchase with the $100 gift certificate. First, iPods are really, really over priced. I thought about getting a Nano, even though I’d have had to pay almost $40 over the $100. But it doesn’t even have decent feedback, so I skipped it.

I decided on the Phillips GoGear Muse with 16mb. It’s regular price is $149, it was on sale for $109.99. I used the $100 gift certificate from audible.com, plus I had a $5 gift card from Swag Bucks. Et voila–a spanking new MP3 player for $4.99. Plus an audible book per month for $14.95.

About audible.com: You get one credit per month. Your credit is good for one book, whether it costs more or less than $14.95. Without the $100 gift card, I think this would have kept me from signing up for the service. Maybe. I’m not sure. But I know I’m going to feel compelled to find books that are worth at least $14.95, so that I’m not paying that price for a paper back I could have bought at the grocery store for half as much. Or, for instance, right now they are having a sale: $4.99 for the first book in popular series. Not such a great deal when I paid nearly three times the amount for the credit I’d use to buy it. So I either eat it and use my credit, or pay the $4.99 out of pocket and use my credit to buy the much more expensive second book in the series.

Audible has lots and lots of books to choose from, plus magazines and newspapers. Also, you can get old radio shows. So–it should be fun.

14.95 x 12= 179.40

$4.99 overage for the MP3 player

So, for $184.39, I get 12 audio books, plus a $149 dollar MP3 player. Good deal, right?

ETA: You pay the subscription to audible.com monthly, not all at once. So, when you sign up they take $14.95, then another $14.95 each month for a year.


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2 responses to “$5 MP3 Player

  1. I love audible and I’m glad you got the deal on the MP3 player. Do you know your public library has downloadable books and music? I’m assuming you live in Nevada see the information here at the Las Vegas/Clark County http://www.lvccld.org/library/information/emedia.cfm Double check if you’re eligible for this but in my state, all public libraries have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with each other. If this doesn’t work, see the link about the free audiobooks and don’t forget podcasts! What’s your favorite podcasts?

    • I didn’t know that. How awesome! I’m totally looking into it. I love to listen to books while I work. For some reason I can do that, when I can’t have the TV or music on. It’s less distracting in some way.

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