Roller Derby Wannabe–Week 1 (TMI alert…)

Today marks the end of my first week working out, so I thought I’d do a Top 10 style round-up.

1.  My workout today was markedly different than that first workout last Friday when my treadmill thought I was going to die of a heart attack.

2.  That day I walked .75 miles in 20 minutes at a weird 3 mph/hill pace that the machine eventually slowed to 1 mph, my heart rate was 148 and I felt sick with the exertion.

3.  Today I walked 1.50 miles  in 35 minutes as follows: 2.0 for five minutes, 25 minutes of 2.5 and 3.0 mph intervals, five more minutes at 2.0 and then a five minute cool-down. Plus I did three repetitions of ten on the chest pull, shoulder pull, fly, ab crunch and back extension machines and about 10 minutes of stretching. I was pretty proud of myself. It was the first day where I felt some control in the gym, instead of kind of at a loss.

4. My heart rate only reached 138 today, as opposed to 144 last Saturday when I did my first interval set on the treadmill.

5. I weigh almost five pounds more today than I did last Friday. Why oh why oh why did I get on the scale again? It just sits there, mocking me. I’m on the second day of my period and considerably bloated, so I suppose that has something to do with it.

6. I’ve been gluten free for a week and a half. Hence almost five pounds in number 5 and not 15 pounds. My periods are the most spectacular difference when I’m not eaten gluten. Usually, my feet are so swollen I wouldn’t have been able to get my tennis shoes on, the extra water gives me a headache, I’m nearly non-functional with pain and heavy bleeding. Plus my famous two-day pre-period flu. Fun stuff.  My period when I’m off gluten is nearly pain free (mild cramps, but nothing like other months), no pre-period flu and considerably less bloating. My feet look like my feet today. Yay!

7. This is more gluten-related than derby-wannabe-related, but today when I took a shower, I didn’t lose handfuls of hair. Losing hair is another of my major symptoms when I’m eating what my body doesn’t like. This was the first day that I really noticed it is less. Maybe it’s derby related. Who wants to be a bald derby girl, right?

8. I bought new running shoes, which I hope will be here Monday. My current work-out shoes are a pair of men’s Nikes that are heavy leather things with no arch support or cushion and half a size too big. I have weirdly sensitive feet–Kevin calls them claustrophobic. These things aren’t cutting it. My new shoes are even designed for people like me who rotate their feet too far to the outside when they run (I walk with too much weight on the little-toe sides of my feet.)

9. I bought a 13-week exercise journal like this one:

I love it. It’s two-pages to a day and fairly non-judgmental. No place for recording daily weight. (There is a week 1/week 13 weight and measurement comparison page in the back that could easily be torn out if this sort of thing triggers bad stuff in you.) It also has a space for recording daily eating/calories. I personally find it easier to stay gluten free when I decide what I want to eat in the morning. I don’t necessarily stick like glue to it, but it makes it so I’m not stuck looking at a loaf of bread at noon with no other plans. I’m skipping the calorie counting. I recommend it. Check it out here.

10. I feel good. Even on the second day of my period.


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2 responses to “Roller Derby Wannabe–Week 1 (TMI alert…)

  1. Jennifer

    Love your website and the term Defiant Athlete! Also want to share that I also was losing my hair a few years ago. Food allergy testing showed I am allergic to wheat. Within 6 weeks of discontinuing gluten, my regular hair stylist exclaimed, “You have tons on tiny new hairs growing back in!” 5 years gluten-free and my hair is back to normal.

    I’m a fitness and yoga instructor and last month I made a crucial decision to stop teaching “weight loss” classes. I’m now offering fitness programs for women that have nothing to do with weight loss. The focus is on reconnecting with the body in a loving way – learning to pay attention to the body’s signals and find joy in movement. Detach the idea of exercise from the concept of weight loss. When the movement feels good, keep doing it! If a particular type of exercise feels like punishment, toss it aside and switch to something you enjoy. Here’s a suggestion: toss your scale on the garbage heap and dance for joy! Good for the heart – on all levels:)

    • You are an amazing, awesome defiant athlete hero! I wish I lived near you (maybe I do? Or will. You aren’t in Reno or Carson City are you? *fingers crossed*) so that I could take those classes. You rock!

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