Making Every Step Count

My gym is 11 miles away. This means that if I can combine working out with another reason to be in town, obviously that’s a good idea.

Tuesday is our grocery shopping day. It’s Kevin’s day off and we usually eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant before we head over to the store. In a town as small as ours, with absolutely nothing going on, this is our big day out.

So, yesterday was our town/shopping/Mexican food day.  I packed my gym bag and brought it along. The plan was to eat, then shop, then Kevin would take Ruby to McDonald’s for an ice cream and a run around the indoor playground while I worked out.

Couple of things happened. First, the temperature fell through the floor. It was about 25 degrees when we left the house and maybe 0 when we left the restaurant. Second, Adrienne ran out of gas and needed to be rescued, which pushed everything back by half an hour. Third, I knew I was going to be too tired to workout after shopping.

But four: I was really hungry.

So I shared shrimp fajitas with Ruby then dropped her and Kevin off at the store and went to the gym. I did get my work in done, but not at the same level as the two before. My stomach started to hurt. I’m quite certain that many, many Mexican people workout following a Mexican food meal on a regular basis, so I’m not going to blame the type of food. But working out 15 minutes following a fairly heavy meal was maybe not my best ever idea.

But I did it. In bitter cold weather that would have been a legitimate excuse for skipping. I did it. And you know what? The adverse conditions, even the icky tummy, made my resolve that much stronger. I appreciated every step, thought about how each one was a step toward my goals.

Here’s something else I noticed: I wasn’t as sick after working out as I usually am just from eating a meal like that. I’m one week gluten free (why oh why oh why oh do I keep putting the gluten in my mouth? Why??) and it has already made a difference.

It’s still cold today. Less than 10 degrees. And the gym is 11 miles away. In each direction.

I think today I’m going to try a yoga class, and maybe hit the thrift stores to make the trip more worthwhile.


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  1. blessed

    oh, i know i need to lay off the gluten. not ready to go there! please keep us updated–maybe your positive experience will be the spur i need. : )

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