A New Start on Etsy

When I thought were moving last summer, I closed my Etsy store down. Kevin took all my inventory to a Buffalo Exchange in Las Vegas and sold some of it, and the rest was packed away for moving.

Except, we didn’t move.

We are, this summer. In June, although now there is talk about moving even sooner thanks to a surprising tax return. I’ve reopened my store, under a new name, with the hope that it will be established and bringing in some money while Kevin is looking for a job.

I’ve changed the sidebar link to reflect my new store. I hope you come by and visit–it’s lonely over there in the beginning!

I’m really, really looking forward to moving because I’m quite sure I can find a model to use for my Etsy photographs. I love working with a model. I have a secret-ish (okay, not secret anymore) hope that my tall, leggy six-year-old remains as photogenic as she is now ten or twelve years from now so she can be the face of That Dress Vintage, or whatever incarnation my shop is under at the time.

I think that in the next week or two, I’ll post about how I fix up my pictures for my Etsy shop.


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2 responses to “A New Start on Etsy

  1. blessed

    Hey! I was just thinking of you on etsy recently, when I saw some adorable crochet pot holders that reminded me of your washcloths. : ) The store looks great!

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