Happy New Year

Here are some things I’m looking forward to in 2011:

1. Moving to Carson City. Finally. The plan is for right after school lets out for the summer.

2. A break from school. I have two semesters left at Goddard. There is no way I can go to school and move at the same time. No way. Adrienne and Nick are both starting college classes in the fall. Adrienne graduates high school in June and is off to Oregon. Nick is taking his GED in June (after finishing his junior year) and starting classes at the community college in Carson City in the fall. I’ll write more later about the great sense of relief for both him and me about the end of public school.

3. Getting our finances in order. The big goal for 2011 is to pay off some debts and save a 10 percent down payment for the eventual purchase of a house. The housing market in Nevada is still crazy, but someday it will settle down–and when it does, we’ll be ready!

4. Exercising, because it feels good. When was the last time you moved your body with some goal in mind other than losing weight?

5. Eating, because it tastes good and makes me feel good. Honestly, when was the last time you ate exactly how much you wanted of exactly what you wanted, without guilt? I’m looking forward to learning how to do this.

Did I mention, we’re moving to Carson City. I’m beside myself with excitement. Lake Tahoe, plenty of thrift stores, Trader Joe’s, a farmer’s market, a Unitarian church near enough to attend, Indian food, a lovely big library, a food co-op. Can you feel my happiness from there?



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3 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. shylaherskin

    I am ridiculously excited about your move to Carson City as well. Are you there yet?

    • Not yet, but there is a DEFINITE plan now. I have an IEP meeting for Nick today and we’re going to talk to the academic types about him taking his GED after this current semester. It will be interesting to see if they fight it or are all for it.

  2. Wow, it’s going to be a big year! Tell more about Carson City, please!

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