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Moving on

I started 2010 with one New Year’s Resolution. To give up dieting.

I went about it in a fairly convoluted way, with a complicated plan that fell apart in the spring.  But, I did manage to go a full year without dieting. I actually feel pretty good about that. My weight stayed about the same. I didn’t explode into a 400 or 500 pound news bite. 2010 was the first time since about 1980 that I haven’t been on at least one diet during the year. Usually, I try about one a month. I wasn’t sure what to expect from not even trying to lose weight. It was, actually, fairly anticlimatic.

So, for 2011, I feel like it’s time to take this one step further. And, in a way, a few giant steps back. No big plans, no attempting to hyper-organize every moment of my life. (That, much like diets, doesn’t work for me. I end up not doing ANYTHING, because it all becomes so overwhelming.) Instead, my only New Year’s Resolution for 2011 is to take no dieting to relearning how to enjoy food and movement.

Seriously, when was the last time you exercised for some reason other than losing weight? My brain holds the memory of what it feels like to move because pushing myself feels good. It remembers, somewhere, that once upon a time, it felt really good to use all my muscles with some goal in mind (a faster time, a better placing, learning a new skill . . .) other than the size of my belly or thighs. I just need to get there again.

So, this year, I become a foodie and I relearn how to move for the pure enjoyment of it.  I really do feel like this is the logical next step to the (for me) staggering accomplishment of not weighing myself or restricting my diet for an entire year. It took some time for me to stop craving mostly snack cakes and ice cream that I’d felt guilty about for decades. I’m ready for more. And better (tasting.)

In other news: I’m on Twitter at shauntagrimes and would love to have you as a friend. Will you add me? I’m slightly lonely over there.

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Life is Crazy

And when it gets that way, I narrow my focus. You’d think, as a writer, that my writing outlet would be at the top of my list, but for some reason I have a hard time blogging when things get weird.

The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas, in particular, has been super challenging.

See, Ruby started coughing. She ran a little fever, too. I thought she had a cold, and since we don’t have health insurance I put off taking her to a doctor for a few days. Yeah. She had pneumonia. She spent two days in our local hospital and was released on Thanksgiving day.

The oral antibiotic they gave her didn’t work against the bacteria that caused her pneumonia, so in the week between release and first follow up appointment, her lung got much sicker. She actually felt better, because her lung got sick enough that it actually formed a protein coating around itself and just stopped trying to work–so no coughing.

So, she and I ended up in Las Vegas. She was in the hospital for two weeks, had surgery to drain fluid from the area around her lung, the surgeon had to scrape her lung as well and was surprised to find that some of her lung actually died. She had a chest tube for her sixth birthday, lost 12 of her 72 pounds and hasn’t been in school since the Monday before Thanksgiving. We had to spend nearly a month in Las Vegas, so that her lung could be monitored by her specialist. She’s  vastly improved now and will be back in school following Christmas break. Still not 100 percent–her energy is fairly low and her appetite isn’t totally back yet. But for a while there, I had almost forgotten what the old Ruby was like. I’ve never had a sicker kid.

On a lighter note, I have lots of ideas for blogging in the New Year. I’m so embarrassed by neglecting this blog, that I have been tempted to start over. Slink away, and pretend I never just let this one slip by.  In the end, I realized that I love this blog. I love you. I’ll try not to abandon you again.

Stay tuned tomorrow for notes on my ideas for 2011.



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