Eighteen Years Ago Today. . .

I brought home a baby girl, long and skinny with huge brown eyes and a shock of dark hair.

Today she’s legally an adult (don’t tell her, but I think 18 is still a kid in a lot of ways . . .)

My sweet Adrienne. Brilliant, beautiful warrior woman. She faced all of her worst fears last weekend between being life flighted to Las Vegas, having a fairly major surgery, being stuck with more needles than she could count, and being poked and prodded in ways that she wasn’t quite prepared for.

It feels almost like she went through some sort of rite of passage. Facing the things that scare her most (doctors, hospitals, needles, illness) just as our society tells her that she’s not a kid anymore.

Her friends threw her the most extravagant, beautiful birthday party ever. Somehow they managed to get out local pool to stay open a few hours past closing. There was a barbecue, leis, a scavenger hunt, night swimming, and a magician. Really, it was amazing. It made me really happy that we decided not to move until the end of this school year. Because it isn’t every day that you find friends who love you like this.

Here’s the pics. How amazing that they even included little brothers and sisters?

Adrienne in front of the killer banner her girlfriends made for her.

Getting ready for the magic show.

Phil the Magician at work.

The gorgeous luau cake Adrienne’s girlfriend baked and decorated.

Dusk scavenger hunt.

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  1. What a gorgeous party! That luau cake looks like it took a lot of effort.

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