Perfect Day

Barbara Sher, in her book Wishcraft, has an exercise that asks readers to envision their perfect day.

What would be in yours?

Where would you live? How would you live? Who would you share that day with? Even if you’re perfect day isn’t at home, where is home? How do you pay for it? How do you spend your time? What is your passion?

In my perfect day, I live somewhere cool, green, and beautiful. Somewhere in the mountains, but near water. Where I can see the sky. Our house is small, but has room for everyone to have a little space. It’s filled with beautiful things that I love to use and to see. All of the junk is weeded out. We have two or three acres of land, some chickens and ducks, maybe a goose or two, and goats. A big, lovely garden that grows lush and fruitful. And speaking of fruit, an orchard.

We live somewhere near a large enough city that I can write in town, in an office. Maybe a collective of some sort, where other writers and artists and creative people also have work space. (Reno has one of these that excites me.) I’m fit enough to ride a bike to my writing space. In fact, I’m entirely comfortable in my own skin. I feel good. I sleep well. I eat locally, ethically, and with enthusiasm with friends and family.

Kevin does work that fulfills him. Adrienne and Nicholas are on the verge of starting their lives. Ruby is happy and eager to learn. (I can’t control what other people do, of course. But I firmly believe that if I find balance in my life, it will affect the people I love the most in a positive way.)

I’m successfully published, and writing books that I love to read and that my readers anticipate. I travel sometimes, to see the things and the places and the people that inspire me. But I love coming home. On this one, perfect day I’m home, but I’m planning my next trip while the previous one is still thrilling me on the inside. Maybe I’ve been to Paris or Mexico City or Shanghai. Maybe I’m going to New York City or London or Peru next.

Travel wouldn’t be part of Kevin’s perfect day. But maybe I can coax him into adventure with me. Or maybe I travel alone, so that I can soak up my experience without distraction. Maybe I bring one of my kids with me. Or a friend.

My creative energy peaks in the early afternoon, so I leave my work space then. Maybe I have lunch in town, with a friend. Or go home and have lunch with Kevin. Something simple and delicious. And then spend the afternoon working in my garden or with the animals.

What are the important elements of my perfect day?

1) living in beauty, with mountains and water nearby

2) balance

3) a wonderful work space

4) a rural setting with a city nearby

5) self-sufficiency at home, especially with regard to food

6) travel

7) writing

8) peace, comfort, time to do the things I want to do

Tell me about your perfect day. What are it’s parts? How can you start molding your life around your priorities? Me? I can keep writing, keep working toward that day when writing supports me, my family, our goals. I can grow some food now. I can research the place in the mountains, near water, where I see myself living.


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2 responses to “Perfect Day

  1. Oh gosh…my perfect day. I haven’t thought about the day but more of my whole set up…

    I live in a small progressive college town within an hour or less drive from a metropolitan area. I work part time where I walk to work. I live in a simple and organized house large enough to hold gatherings of interesting people from all walks of life for simple but good food and amazing conversation, and office with lots of natural light and woodwork. There must be a UU church nearby and a community of creative and intentional people. Farmer’s markets, museums, bookstores, cafes/coffeeshops, live music venues, opportunities for “natural” exercise(hiking, swimming and geocaching) and … I will be busy enough with interesting and meaningful things to keep me involved in my community with just enough time to allow my own down time and schedule to do travels to amazing places. Continually learning about new things and time to listen to others stories…resources available to feed my soul and enough time to be able to take it in at the speed I want to.

    I’ve filled in more detail to my dream than I usually do…but this is certainly a work in progress.

    • Oh, I didn’t even think about church. A UU church is essential for my perfect day as well. Maybe not going that day, but having it in my community. And the community of creative and intentional people is so important, too. I first read that as international people. Funny, but it makes me remember that diversity is really important to me.

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