Nutrition Manifesto

Since January, I’ve really worked hard to get a handle on my serial dieting. Constantly trying to lose weight has not only not worked, it’s backfired. I started dieting when I weighed about 160 pounds, now I weigh about 300. So yeah. Big fat fail.

Not only is dieting a fail for me, it hits my crazy switch. As soon as I think about dieting, or losing weight, my sanity slips.

Here are a few things I know for sure:

1) Gluten is bad for me. If it’s bad for me, chances are good that it’s bad for at least one of my kids (maybe two or three of them.)

2) My eating is disordered. I binge.

3) My mother and both grandmothers died of cancer, and my father is a cancer survivor. I am only ten years younger than my mother was when she got sick. Nutrition can be a protection for those of us predisposed to cancer.

4) My father-in-law had a heart attack when he was about ten years older than Kevin. Kevin is exposed to second-hand smoke at work, and was throughout his life because his parents were smokers. Nutrition is also a protection for those of us predisposed to heart disease.

5) I have a three children I really, really adore. I want them to be healthy, not only now but in their futures. It starts now, with how I feed them.

I’m not going on a diet. I’m certainly not putting my family on one. (If it’s nearly impossible to be successful myself on a diet, can you imagine how hard it would be to put someone else on one?)

I read Michael Pollan’s Food Rules while I was sitting with Adrienne in the hospital. It’s a fairly common sense little book, and I thought about just following a rule a week and spending the next year or so getting those rules down pat.

But then I realized that some of the rules are very diet-like and are likely to turn on my crazy switch. I like some of the ideas, but a big part of his premise is to eat less. And that’s too diet-y for me. (Knowing yourself is important, don’t you think?)

No. I need my own food rules. Rules that work for me and my family. I have to figure this out for myself, because there is no one “plan” that works for everyone.

Also, I think it would be some sort of copyright infringement to post all of the rules here so that you know what I’m doing.

I’m going to do some research today and post the first ‘rule’ tomorrow. Going Wednesday to Wednesday works out for me, because I usually go grocery shopping on Tuesday.


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