Oh, Yeah

I almost forgot. I got my nose pierced three weeks ago, just before my trip to Florida.

It was my third try, and the third time was the charm. The girl at Diversity in Las Vegas did a fantastic job. And I get the memory of sitting in my car in 110 heat for 20 minutes convincing myself that I am not too old to go into a trendy piercing/tattoo place to have my nose pierced. And then walking in, filling out the paper work, and having the girl behind the counter light up and say . . .

*drum roll*

. . . “You were born the same year as my mom!”

Yeah. I’m old enough to be the mom of a piercing/tattoo shop employee. And turns out, I’m okay with that.

I took this lovely self-portrait ten minutes ago. After a night in the ER with Adrienne and maybe three hours of sleep. A sudden low, right-side stomach ache, fever, vomiting . . . yeah. Scary. Turns out she either has food poisoning or the worst case of the cramps ever.

I’m showing you the extra-charge-worthy baggage under my eyes. See how much I love you?


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2 responses to “Oh, Yeah

  1. It’s funny, I was in rural northern Wisconsin a few weeks ago and it seemed like there was a fair amount of women with pierced noses. I’m talking a county seat that had a population of 3250.

    • I really am happy I had mine pierced. I think it looks pretty, and it makes me feel good. I agree, I don’t think that a nose piercing is particularly deviant anymore. When Adrienne was in the hospital, the pediatrician that saw her first had a pierced nose.

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