Where do I start?

With the beginning I suppose.

The travel.

The flight was uneventful. I shared a three-seat row with a man from New York who lives in Las Vegas now. We both mostly slept, or watched reruns of Law and Order (me) or Southpark (him) on our little behind-the-seat mini-televisions.

I arrived in New York just when the sun was rising, even if my body did insist it was three thirty in the morning and my mind was outraged not to be lost in dreams.

This  was the view I saw out of the window just inside the airport as I came off the gate.

How do you argue with beauty like that, jet lag or not?

I had expected to take a cab to Penn Station. But then I learned it would cost $45 plus tip and toll–and a bus ticket was $15. So I bussed it. I felt like this was the beginning of my adventure. I didn’t really know what I was doing, or where I was going. The bus driver was a maniac that people were running out of crosswalks to avoid being murdered by. It was amazing. I met a couple from somewhere in Eastern Europe and a girl from Spain.

I was dropped off at Grand Central Station, where another maniac picked me up and took me to Penn Station.

Next was a three hour wait at the station for my train. I was so tired by this time that I would randomly fall asleep sitting up. But I got on the train and everything was fine. I upgraded to business class, and it was both so worth it, and so not. It was worth it because the seats were comfortable enough that I got a great sleep in one. Wide, almost too much leg room, and cushy.

Not so worth it because there was none of the comradery that I’ve found in coach class. No one talked to each other. Everyone was plugged into their own world. Plus, this train was far bouncier then any I’ve been on before. I wasn’t able to use my computer, which was the whole reason for going business class in the first place. (There are outlets at every seat.)

I ended up sitting right next to a woman from Wyoming who was also going to Goddard. So we talked some, but not a whole lot. I was getting nervous. We ended up sharing a cab to the campus, which was nice.

I met my roommate a couple of hours later, and was so happy. She’s amazing. Smart, sassy, and just all around a fabulous girl to know.

Here’s my dorm bed:

And the view from the window next to my desk:

Here’s the cafeteria at breakfast this morning:

I wish I could find words to really bring you here with me. It’s so hard. I’ve had two crazy days of travel and one incredibly full and amazing day at school. Our room is a little cubby under the stairs–like Harry Potter’s dorm room. The people here are incredibly smart and diverse and just completely fascinating.

The campus is so beautiful. I’ve never been anywhere like this, ever. It’s green and misty and mossy. It’s old, some of the buildings over 250 years old. It smells fresh and clean.

Here are some of the dorm buildings:

There’s a labrynth of boxwood:

The library is a 15 minute hike through woods:

There is beauty everywhere I look:

But the real beauty, the true magic, is the people. And the feeling that everytime I turn around another layer of assumptions I had about myself and the world around me changing. I know that probably seems like a big dramatic statement. I’ve been here one day.

But the idea that I can learn this way. That I can dig deep and dive wide, and find out things and interpret them in a way that maybe no one else has done before. That’s beyond amazing to me. It’s life changing.



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4 responses to “Where do I start?

  1. Hi! I’m glad your trip went well, even if it wasn’t what you expected. I’m not fond of flights. But they are effective in getting you where you need to go!
    I love that boxwood garden. It looks very interesting.

  2. Oh, what a great entry! i am so glad for all the GOOD you have experienced so far. Esp. all the beauty!!! : )

  3. Lovely, I can’t wait and hope that you do share more. I love these kinds of experiences. Magical!

  4. Wonderful pictures! The one of the sunrise at the airport-Wow!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. Looking forward to more!

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