My Adventure

Okay. Now that I’ve stopped freaking out about messing up and leaving myself 3000 miles from home for two extra days, I have a plan.

I’m a big one for plans, aren’t I?

The first part of my trip hasn’t changed. I’m flying out of Las Vegas on April 6 (red eye) to New York City on Jet Blue, (I’ll get there early on the 7th) then taking an Amtrak train to Montpelier, Vermont, (I’ll get there night time on the 7th) and then a taxi to the school. Twenty-four hours of travel later.

Then I’ll stay on campus at school until the 16th when they kick me out.

I’m going to stay in Montpelier for that night. I called today about changing my train ticket to the 16th, instead of the 17th, but got panicky about not having my ticket in hand until I get to New York if I change things. So Vermont it is.

My big plan is to stay at this hostel in Vermont, and to rent a car for 24 hours from the afternoon of the 16th until the next day when hopefully I can drop it off somewhere near the train station. I’m going to work on this leg of the trip tomorrow. It’s the only one that is still semi up in the air.

And then…and then this is the best part! I got an email from Expedia this morning. I bought my plane ticket through them and they sent me a coupon for $50 off a two night stay at any hotel booked through them. I’d been looking at the Chelsea Star Hotel which is also a hostel. I had actually talked myself into staying in one of their tiny single rooms rather than the hostel dorms (which is bunk beds). The difference in price is $79 for the single room vs. $30 for the hostel dorm.

But when I looked on Expedia and saw I could book the hostel room through them, and that I’d get to spend two nights in New York City for a total of $25–who could resist that? I mean, that’s a great price, right?

So I am being incredibly adventurous. I’m spending two nights in a bunk bed with seven other travelers and one bathroom down the hall.

Here is what I would really like to do with my time in New York:

1. I want to go to the Met. Really want to. So I am, on Sunday.

2. I want to see a show. My train is supposed to get in at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, which should be plenty of time to catch a late show. But I’m thinking after 12 hours on a train I might not actually feel like doing that. So Sunday, too.

3. I want to see the sites.

How do I manage all of that?

My thought is to buy a ticket on a tour bus, which is about $50 for a 48 hours of hop-on, hop-off. So I can first just ride it around, see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Then get off and go to the museum. Maybe go back to my hotel (hostel!) and change. Then hop back on and ride the tour bus to somewhere near my show. Et voila.

It always sounds easy when you’re making it up from home, doesn’t it?

I will be happy if I get to spend the day at the Met and spend some time with my neck craned checking out the sky scrapers.


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2 responses to “My Adventure

  1. You’ll be in a VERY beautiful area, practically the heart of the mountains. In the summer there’s hiking and kayaking through there.

    I haven’t been in Montpelier in YEARS, but there were some good local bookstores, back then.

    You might like a short hop over to Stowe. Quaint town, cute shops.

    If the weather is good and you have time to drive up to Burlington, I suggest a stop at the waterfront. Beautiful views across Lake Champlain to the Adirondacks. Just ask anyone on Church Street to direct you to the waterfront park.

    I can give you a list of options for Burlington – spots for coffee, tea, or light meals, and some shops. If you’re interested, just send an email.

    I’m sure you’ll love it. And I’m looking forward to hearing about your class!

    P.S. When you are back and settled, I’d like to email you about the etsy tech-y stuff.

  2. Ruby

    It will be great, don’t stress to much, you can do it! And what an adventure, a mom on an adventure, I love it! I’m jealous!

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