I’m back

I think.

What ever that was, the flu? A cold? Whatever. I’ve never been that sick before in my life. I can breathe today, and my fever is gone. So I think it’s finally over. Which means I’m back here. I missed you guys!

So, what’s going on?

I leave for Vermont on April 6. That’s less than a month. (I know you know that, but I have to keep reminding myself. It’s surreal.) I have my plane ticket all bought and paid for, and my train ticket is on it’s way. I’ve arranged for my taxi. I still need to pay for a hotel room in New York City on the 17th. But otherwise, I’m set.

The terrified is giving away to excited, which is a really good thing. I’m especially excited about blogging the residency for you guys.

The new counselor at my work is supposed to start on March 29. That gives me a week to get him acclimated to my gang of drug court clients. Talk about being thrown to the wolves. I’m giving my clients all the riot act practically every day. It goes something like this: “if I come home, and you guys have chased this guy away, heads are going to roll.” They don’t like change. At all. More than the average person doesn’t like change. My first month or so on the job was unreal. But I hope that knowing I’m coming back and will still be their main counselor (the new guy is taking over a different segment of clients) should help. Plus giving them huge heads up.

Here’s what I have on the agenda for you guys this week or two:

1. An update of the The Plan. I’ve had some time to think about it this week (since I didn’t have the energy to move, thinking was about all I could do.)

2. A review of a really cool product for pantry storage.

3. The recipe for Spinach Dip that my sweet Adrienne made for me while I was sick. It’s hot and gooey and very comforting food.

4. I’m thinking about an article aimed at those of you who might be thinking about starting an Etsy store. I’ve been pretty happy with mine during this first month of operation.

5. Pictures of some super cute thrift store finds that I picked up yesterday.

It’s good to be back. I missed you all like crazy.


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  1. Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better! I’ll be waiting eagerly, especially for 2, 4, & 5.

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