After a good four nights of feeling like I was drowning in my own mucus when I tried to lay down at night, I slept fairly well last night. Still not 100 percent, but considerably better.

I’ll start posting regularly again tomorrow, but I have a mini-rant tonight.

Why is it that our society is set up to make the poor poorer?

Late fees for being five minutes late for anything, when you were probably late because of a lack of funds.

I’m irritated.

It makes no sense to me that a bank would put in deposits and cash checks at the end of the day, but cash the checks first.

So, for instance, say you put your $500 pay check in through the ATM to cover your rent and your car payment that you expect to cash the next day. Only when the bank is crediting and deducting things to and from your account, they cash the check, and then five minutes later deposit the money that was meant to cover said check.


$70 in overdraft fees.

And the $50 that you thought you’d have left? You’d already written a check against that. So it will be covered by the bank, but will result in another overdraft fee before you get paid again on Wednesday.

$35 more in overdraft fees, plus being overdrawn by the amount of the check.

And when you call the bank? They tell you that you should start keeping a register, and that they aren’t responsible for you writing a check that you didn’t already have the money in the account to cover.

So I get it. They’re right.

But do they not watch CNN? This is a fucking recession. Our income is a full 1/3 less than what it was a year ago. Maybe closer to 1/2, if I wasn’t so afraid to look closely at it.

We are doing the best we can.

Maybe the recession is what makes the bank choose to withdraw before they deposit, knowing that those $35 fee from borderline poor people will add up.

Maybe I need one more day to recuperate after all. It isn’t like me to be this irritated.

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  1. I would argue those overdraft fees. I think they are *supposed* to credit deposits first!

    Hope you are feeling better. I’ve been enjoying the cold to end all colds too. Not been sick in the last three years, but making up for it with this one!

    One good thing is that I may have kicked the coffee habit. It doesn’t taste good when you can’t smell it, so I’ve been going without for most of 2 weeks.

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